Tuesday, January 10, 2012

project A - an update

So one of the main focuses of project A was to finish Abigail's room.
Yesterday I posted a photo of our new air conditioning! (Giving you a little look into Abigail's room)
It was supposed to be done by Christmas... I'm a very bad mother... Still not finished...
It's getting there. we still have a few things to do... But it all takes time. And twice as long in time because Abigail is now taking up most of my time.

Here's the little munchkin playing in her cot while I took the photos.
The painting is a water colour we purchased well before Abigail was even conceived.

These shelves were already in the room, but a little wonky, so we bought some pink ribbon and put it around the edges.
I'm really happy with the result and much cheaper than replacing them!
Note the ridiculous amount of toys on the shelf... And that's not all of them!
Here is a crappy shot of the mobile.
My sister gave it to us for Abigail's Sydney Baby Shower.
It's hand made by someone she knows.
I have actually given a sneak peek of this part of her room before.
Note that the mobile is not up in this photo...
My mum was swinging them playing with Abi a while ago and they fell off!
It has been put back up again (yesterday) But I couldn't be bothered re photoing the room
Under the change table is a bit of a mess and needs a tidy, but this is real life stuff! Nothing is perfect!

I love this new fitted sheet I bought the other day! All the colours fit in nicely with the colours we have in the room.
THe blanket is a hand knitted beautiful blanket that my mum bought for Abi.
THe sleep sheep is the best! And the teddies are NOT left in the cot (or the blanket) When she is sleeping.

This stool is used all the time in Abi's room. It was left in our old house when we bought it.
It's from IKEA. I have decided I'm going to paint it a nice pastichio green colour to keep in Abi's room.
I need to get a valance to hid the stuff we have stored under Abi's bed.

I have blogged about this little pram before. We bought it when on holiday in Noosa.
It's filled with yet more toys...

We bought this antique dresser off ebay, but husband repaired the top and sanded it back.
It is truly lovely and one the TV that is supposed to go in our bedroom in FINALLY in there, I can sort out what I'm going to put in the dresser..
Another 'real life' shot showing crap all over the dresser...

And there you have it... Where we are up to so far...


  1. It's looking beautiful. So pretty. I espeically love the mobile and sheet set :) Where did you buy the sheets from? I can't really find any I like, probably easier to just make some!
    D put all bubs furniture together on the weekend. I'm loving just going in there and pottering around. Just need to find a nice, comfy feeding chair and that's all the big stuff ticked off :)
    Thanks for the inspiration.
    PS I'm freaking out about toys and excess plastic things..

  2. Abi's room looks lovely Sammie, great job :) I really like the colours you've used in there.

  3. Reezy, I loved it when we have the stuff all put together! And it was lovely to just wanter in and out and potter.
    The sheet was a random purchase the other day at Baby Kingdom. I love it too! ITs Living Textiles brand.
    I don't have a feeding chair. During the night I feed in bed. It was easy when she was in our room and now I just 'pop' her on and walk back into bed.
    During the dayI I just use the lounge.
    I have never used a feeding pillow either. At the start I nearly did, but for $90 + I thought it was a waste of money.

    I just realised there is no real 'shot' of the whole room...
    I need to pack for our Melbourne trip tomorrow and I'm try to take a shot or 2 then!

  4. I love the pistachio green and pink colour scheme - its so classic and yet very girly as well!

  5. What a cute room. We have two kids but still can't get them to sleep in their own bed let a lone room!

    Hope you had a wonderful New Year!
    Check out my blog when you have time.

  6. Oh Sammie Abis room looks fantastic! I love the mobile above her bed what perfect colours too! I am hoping to make one for a friend soon just like that (see how goes).

    Your tree will look fab next year with that haul too!

    XX Samie

  7. Her room is lovely! You've done an amazing job. I was like you, trying to get the nursery done AFTER baby was born... it takes twice as long, that's for sure. But so worth it in the end. My son's room is the nicest room in our entire flat (lucky bunny!). Kisses from a fellow mama xx


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