Monday, November 1, 2010

When Clowns Dream

 "A clown can only dream of a quiet place where there's no need to be anything for anyone."

We bought this painting in Byron Bay the other week. 
We actually bought it for out un-made, un-born child.
We have stopped ourselves from buying anything baby related up until now because we didn't want to 'tempt fate' so to say. 
But there was just something about this painting. We had to have it. So we did. 
It is now safely packed away until our renovations are done etc.........

The painting is by Craig Martin. Here is the description off the website for the gallery (

Craig Martin
Craig has seen himself as a high flying trapeze artist and coach, a guide on the Sydney Harbour Bridge, a social director on cruise ships, a bit of an actor and dancer, an international flight attendant and an illustrator and still has no idea what he wants to be.

The circus is a special place for me. Teaching and performing circus was the first vocation I found in life that gave me inspiration, purpose, fulfilment and confidence.
The collective title of my Carnies Kooks and Clowns pieces is, "When Clowns Dream". I wish I had more hours in my day so I could pump out all the images that come to mind when I imagine what clowns might dream about and long for.
Each piece represents a single clowns most treasured dream place. One has the biggest audience he could possibly dream of for his humble little performance, another lets fly with the biggest and best clown stunt ever performed and I love that he does it for no one but himself, the 3rd dreams of being "normal" and joining the masses but can never shake whats in his blood and the last clown wishes simply for what what I imagine to be a secret dream for so many of the literal and metaphorical clowns of the world, a place of stillness.

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  1. A very sweet painting! I like the description.
    Your Yet to be Made Baby is going to love it.


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