Sunday, May 1, 2011

Baby Moon Holiday

We are back after our little trip to Noosa (our Baby Moon) 
We have so much on over the next few months so took the opportunity to head away for a few days while we could!

The view from our room overlooking the pool.

We stayed at the Sheraton. The lobby and outdoor areas are lovely and seem to have been renovated. But the rooms... Although spacious and clean were looking a little tired and well due for some renovations (especially the bathrooms)

After we arrived Wednesday we just had a quiet day and went for a long walk. And as usual I forgot to take my camera...

Thursday we woke up to a kind of nice day so decided to head out for a coffee and a little toast. Then again for a nice long walk. Phew! I was out of breath so easily I can't believe how much strain this little Bug inside me puts on my body...
After our walk we headed to the beach. I got a little sun burnt on my tummy (sorry Buggy)
The photos we took at the beach... Well I think I look like a bit of a 'beached whale' so a view from my towel will have to do:

That night we had the most delicious dinner at Sails
If your ever up in Noosa I highly recommend this place! Not just for the food, but also for the service.

Friday we decided to take a little boat out for a cruise! You don't need a license and they don't go very fast, but it's a great way to see some of the sights and beautiful homes around the Noosa area.

This isn't us... But it's what we would have looked like!

The sights up one of the canals

My trusty Captain!

My belly is seriously growing bigger every day!

Friday after taking the boat out for an hour. We headed back to get ready for lunch at Rickys.
Again, I can not fault this place! Food was amazing! Service brilliant! The Tapas were Divine! The fish scrumptious and the dessert.... Well it was so so good but I couldn't finish it!
And then the rain started... Shame I needed to walk back and walk all that food off!
So once we got back we went for a walk down Hastings Street and in a little shop called Signature on Hastings my husband spotted this stunning little pram! It's french and made by Moulin Roty and bought it for our daughter!

Daddy spoilt his little girl
 Then along we kept going and in this cute little shop called Lamington spotted the cute little "cowboys and cowgirls" bib... And bought that for her too!!!
Lucky for me though... I spotted a lovely dress in Kookai (which my husband calls "Kooky" and he bought me that too!!! 
It's going to be perfect for an event I have on Friday and then our very good friends engagement the week after!

And spoilt her just a little more!

I was a little spoilt too! Kookai!

Dinner on Friday night consisted on Pizza from Zachery's in front on the TV watching the Royal Wedding coverage. 
I'm not going to do a post on the wedding, there are so many out there.
All I am going to say is that I loved it ALL! The Bride looked stunning (Very Grace Kelly) and they looked so in love to me. Stealing glances, smiles, even a few words and sharing special moments (even with the whole world watching) 
I can't stop reading about it and watching anything they have on TV about it! 
This is going to be a wedding remembered for such a long long time.



  1. Just lovely, my little girl has a similar pram too, and that vintage look bib is just divine, all the best, Helen M.

  2. awesome pics. Sounds like a fab break, babymoon is a great idea, wish we'd done something like that.
    Your trusty Captain! Love it.
    That retro bib is so cool.
    It looks as though your bump is coming along nicely.. will be get to see a pic of you in your new Kooky dress??

  3. It sounds like you had an awesome time. I went to Noosa for my 'baby moon' too! I love Moulin Roty..the little pram is very cute!

  4. There will be a photo of me in the Kooky dress!
    Not sure if I will be waring it this Friday or not till next Saturday yet though...

  5. Oh yay - lovely! We got engaged up there, on a walk in Noosa National Park.

    LOVE the pram!


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