Monday, May 2, 2011

Mooooooood Lighting

I am loving this Moo Cow light for Lady Bugs room.
They are available at Peters of Kensington at the moment for $99
I'm not sure if I should just buy it, or suggest it as a gift to someone?
There is so so much stuff that we are going to need.
I really should put a list together and can give it to my mum and sister as gift suggestions for my baby showers (yes you ready correctly... SHOWERS...)
I'm having two baby showers, a family one in Melbourne and a friends one in Sydney
Greedy? Maybe? But When your an original Melbourne girl who has been living in Sydney for 7-8 years (I can't remember how long) then you do have two lives and its the only way possible.
So a baby shower Australian tour it is!

Off to an obstetricians appointment at RPA today and will finally be able to 'book in' to have buggy too!


  1. I want the elephant version :) I'm forcing myself to not buy it until we get close to due date though. But $99 is a really good deal.

  2. I loved, the price is perfect for it. A designer piece always makes a difference. ;)

    Love your blog

  3. Oooh, there's an elephant one? I want one for MYSELF! hehe

    I reckon tell your mum about it Sammie. People will want to buy you things.


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