Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Baby O - in 3D

Today we went and had the 3D scan done at Fetal Fotos in Rozelle NSW.
The lady was wonderful and seemed as excited as us about the whole experience.

Of 30+ images, I have narrowed it down to 5....

Proving "A GIRL!"


  1. Adorable! But this new technology just astounds me!

  2. Look how clever you are!! These photos are just amazing - she's perfect!

  3. So exciting, we are going next week to have ours done, it's been great to see yours makes me sure it will be worthwhile.

  4. wow - clever! How cool that she was just as excited as you :)

  5. AMAZING!! look at those perfect little hands!
    I think she looks a bit like you already!!

  6. OMG wowee ... that is so clear and amazing! She looks perfect.

  7. What a beautiful perfect ANGEL! So exciting XX Samantha

  8. Gorgeous pics Sammie. Isn't it amazing how clear and sharp these images are?!


  9. Thanks everyone.
    We are just so totally in love with her and she hasn't even joined us properly!
    She is a cheeky monkey that moves around A LOT!
    She was sucking her thumb, waving and poking out her tongue at the scan!

  10. Ohhhhh Sammie, these are beautiful! I definitely want to get images as gorgeous as yours when I do my 3D scan.

    Ps: How's Erin going to be when she gets old enough to date? Sitting on the porch with shotgun? (That's what Mr L has said if our Jellybean is a girl)

  11. Awe, these bought a huge smile to my face! So I can't imagine what you guys felt when you saw your gorgeous daughter again!


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