Monday, January 9, 2012

Hot Cold Hot Cold

I've been spending quite a bit of time in Melbourne with the family and they have air conditioning...
I get home and we have a few warm days. We live in a 1880's terrace. The bedrooms are upstairs. Abi's doesn't seem to cope well with the heat and doesn't sleep well. It's hot at night. I know this because we have this fancy pants monitor that I got given at one of my baby showers.

So... We decided to put in split systems in the two bedrooms. Downstairs doesn't seem to be all that hot and with upstairs cooling it's bound to help the down stairs when it's really hot anyway.

Here's Abi's
And a little look at her bedroom! (Post tomorrow on what we have done)
And here is ours
Oh! And look at that empty TV wall bracket that my husband insisted I buy a TV for ...  "It will be great for when Abi is a new born Sam and you have to get up all the time to feed her" Hmm, Look out for tomorrows post on where the TV is.
So now we are all air conditioned up! Pretty exciting! And a super duper deal we got too!!! Cheapest by far!!! If your in the Sydney area and interested let me know I'd be happy to pass the details on. 
The people that did it were recommended to me from one of the girls in my mothers group so I don't even know them. I couldn't even get the units cheaper from my contacts at Harvey Norman!

So this is how we plan to keep cool this summer... How about you?


  1. Oh this is one of my concerns for next summer and bub. We have a 3 story split level, all 4 bedrooms are on the top floor. Hot air rises that's for sure. We've only got ceiling fans at the minute but contemplating more splitties or maybe ducting just for the top floor.

    Q: Do you just cool Abi's room down before she goes to bed or do you leave it on?

  2. Aahhh we need something in our lounge room, the rest of the house has ducted but nothing in lounge room gah! Either a/c or to knock the wall out..... Wish we were in Sydney!

  3. I bet they'll make life more bearable! As for the awning - A bought it off the internet through something like 'factory fast' or 'deals direct'??? There was no choice of colour but it was about $300 which I think is a pretty good price.

  4. OT, but I love the wall colour in both rooms! We have a similar colour through most of the house. Looking forward to seeing more of Abi's room.

  5. The air con's go into a 'quiet' mode that means it hardly blows which is great for Abi's room. Also with the way her cot os situated, it doesn't 'blow' onto her which is great!
    It was only put in on Saturday and we did't need it that day.
    Yesterday (Sunday) We had them on and for her morning sleep at home and then we turned it off that night when we went to bed, We turned ours off too.
    We have them both current;y set to 21 deg which is great because Abi can still sleep in her grobag and not be too hot or cold!
    Thanks for the info on the Awning Christie! I will have to have a good look into it. I thought they were really expensive, but that seems like an excelent price!

  6. Please can I have the details? I also live in a terrace in Sydney and the heat is unbearable!

  7. hi Sam would like the details for AC too! my little one is near 5 weeks and quite unsettled unfotunately. we are in an old terrace too so the heat doesn't help either!

  8. sorry to add came thru to your blog from vogue, cheers Tania

  9. Hi Sam, VF reader here too, could I please have details and rough idea of cost? Thanks so much xx

  10. Our air has already paid for it self in comfort the past few days!
    We have 2 small splits in the bedrooms and we paid $2800 incl the units and install.


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