Saturday, January 7, 2012

new stuff

Look what we just bought!
Nespresso CitiZ + Milk
Pretty cool huh! We got some Harvey Norman vouchers for Christmas because we wanted to get a coffee machine.
Even though we live really close (as in across the road) to coffee shops, sometimes it would be nice to just stay in your PJ's and have a coffee at home. It can also be hard to get out with Abi sometimes and I'm not a huge fan of the coffee from the place across the road from us... Their bacon and egg rolls are another story!
Normally $499, reduced to $399, plus a little discount from my lovely folk at HN Broadway, add on 3 years Product Care (extended warranty) I only paid $384.30! But it gets better! Take away the $50 cash back promotion and the $150 of HN vouchers from my sister... And it's costing us a grand total of $184.30 Nice one! 
It comes with a heap of different pods to try and see what ones you like best! So there's a few coffees to be had there. Then we can buy  the ones we like from Nespresso (online!) and I was told they work out to be a bit over 60 cents!
We are just getting it all set up and sorted and will start testing it out once I buy some milk! (review to come!)

Normally my birthday come around and I never know what I want... Not this year! My husband bought me a beautiful bangle that I wanted. My sister got me some flats from Witchery. When mum and dad asked me what I wanted (well mum did) I knew in an instant! 
Being at home a lot more often, it's sometimes very quiet. Being used to having the radio on in the car or in the office at work I just normally had the TV on at home for background noise.
So instead, I thought what about an ipod/iphone dock, but one with a radio!
And hey presto!
Sony micro system
I'm loving it! It's a ipod/iphone (unfortunately not ipad) dock, with digital radio and a CD player too! I got the white over the black. And I like that we can mount it on the wall if we like. At this stage we wont, because I like that it's portable and we can take it outside. That's going to come in handy for our Australia day BBQ listening to Triple J's Hottest 100!

(all photos via Google image search)


  1. I love both! They would be awesome, especially the Nespresso seeing I'm the only one in my place that drinks coffee.

  2. I got a Nespresso CitiZ last Christmas and I love it, we use it so much. The milk frother can froth cold milk too so you can make iced coffees too!

  3. Best coffee machine! We're house sitting at mums & she has one. It's my new best friend and so easy to use but we go through so much milk now...

  4. Why it's bee.oout.iful! My huz would sell me to get his hands on a coffee machine like that!!! x

  5. I got the husband a Nespresso for his birthday just gone and he is absolutely loving it now that its all set up. He says that the coffee is better than most he can buy. I don't drink coffee at all so can't comment here but its his new favourite toy so I'm sure you will love yours :)

  6. We got a Nespresso (Latissima) for Christmas too. Loving it! Have you tried doing affogatos yet? Such a delicious, easy dessert :)


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