Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Loving a good deal

Everyone loves a good deal. Well they do don't they?
Well I do anyway!

On Sunday we spent some family time together after Abi had her morning marathon nap! (nearly 3 hours!)
Now shopping is pretty boring for my husband, and especially when it's food shopping... But we were pretty desperate! We ran out of toilet paper!

Off to Birkenhead Point where we could take a look around and get the groceries done too.

First stop. Bed Bath and Table.
We have never had a Christmas Tree. But we know there will be no getting away with it next year with a little toddler around so we decided to take advantage of their 70% off decorations!

We spent $69 on decorations that before Christmas would have cost us so much more... Looks like we will be going with a traditional red, white and green theme. 
Next stop was Witchery... Well I have had a $20 credit on my loyalty card!
I couldn't quite believe my eyes when I spotted a denim jacket for $29.95 !!! Thinking that I would get my 5% discount and then the $20 credit! Wowzers! I'm super duper happy with my new denim jacket that has cost me $8.45 !!! I've never owned a denim jacket, so I'm super happy and excited about this one!
We were going so well! But it was time for groceries... But wait! There's Cotton On Kids! Abi does need some stuff for Winter so lets take a look
Two long sleeve little tops in a 00 and 0. Abi is still fitting into Cotton On 0000 + 000 so it will be some time till she is in these ones. (Actually weighed her yesterday and she was 6.80kgs!)

I've been good and trying to get a few things in order and one meant going through Abi's wardrobe (I'm sure she has more clothes than me!) and sorting out what's what... I came across a super cute little ennie meenie suit that she hasn't worn! Boo... It was a 0-3 months and although it fit I thought what a waste to get only a wear or two out of it, she has enough anyway...
So I took it back to Bambini, a little shop in Balmain where I know it was purchased from.
I was in luck! They took it back! Yay! And I spent the money on the following:
Front of skirt - GANT
Back of skirt - Cute little pleats 

I couldn't believe it when I picked up this little GANT skirt that was $110 and reduced to $25 Woo Hoo! And then I got this cute little Gaia baby top too! The lady was super nice and when she said I still had another $10 I could spend I couldn't believe it! And I got a cute little Oobi pouch thingy that I'm sure I will find some use for...

Do you love a god deal?
What 'deals' have you got or come across lately?

(Now, while I'm at it... I need to go and finish packing! Abigail and I are back off to Melbourne again today... Going down for a few special birthdays and some fun with the family... I'd say the posts will become a little less frequent for a little while.. But you never know!)


  1. Good work Sammie! That skirt is so cute! We did the same with Christmas decorations and got a beautiful tree as well all for 75% off. It feels a bit weird saying we're ready for next Christmas already but it was certainly good for the ol' hip pocket!

  2. Love the sweet little Gaia top! But I am gobsmacked that you've never had a Christmas tree!!

  3. I'm never home for Christmas so I think that's why no tree...
    Think we will go real tree this year!

  4. Sammie, I did the same thing re: Christmas decorations. I got a whole heap from Spotlight at 75% off and also Dommayne, they had so many different glass decorations, i kind of went a bit nuts with the buying :p


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