Friday, January 13, 2012

how cute

Just wanted to share...
Abi's first solids...
"mum, this is shit"


  1. Mmmm, can't quite tell if she's enjoying it! Maybe not from you comment! So cute!

  2. Ahhh! You named her Abi after all.

    I'm Sam and my daughter is Abi too. I haven't been blogging in awhile, and just saw your post.

    Congrats on your baby girl.

    And regarding solids? Don't worry. Just take every day as it comes.


  3. Is that rice cereal...? Have you tried it.. it does taste like shit!
    I do love the funny faces they pull when trying new foods..
    Abi is beautiful!

  4. Wow can't believe Abi is eating solids now! Time really flies!

  5. Yep its rice cereal. And yep, its not the nicest tasting... I don't think I'll be giving it to her for long, just to get her started.
    I know people with 6 month olds already giving them wheat box! That would have to be nicer.
    Although I think she's going to be a milk girl for sometime. She has just had such a huge feed I can hear her sighing and moving around like a very uncomfortable full piggy! Cute...

  6. Babies are too cute. When they first try something its adorable to watch, even when they hate it.
    Little Abi is such a cutie, with her big eyes :D
    I couldn't wait to try solids with Georgi, I was hoping it would get her to sleep through the night, how wrong I was! Still working on that!!!

  7. Very cute. My baby screamed when we started solids he hated them !


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