Friday, October 14, 2011

Having Fun!

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It's been a big week.
Abi had her two month shots on Tuesday. She was a very good patient. I was no so much. I cried! She slept 'like a baby' afterward and that night too...
But ever since she has been a little out of sorts. But we are working on it, and having a quiet day today.

Wednesday the ladies from my mothers group met up again. Such a nice group of ladies and I can See myself keeping in contact and catching up with these ladies for some time to come.

Thursday we went and chose the photos from the professional shoot (and here) we had done... I spent $570 and I am sure I will spend more! Birthday and Christmas presents sorted! That's for sure!!!

I also called into work yesterday for a quick visit, ended up having lunch, having a great catch up and chat with my boss and left two hours later!
Things are looking really positive on the work front and I am looking at going back in February/March part time in a support role for my/our sales team. But... we will just wait and see how things go getting closer to the time...

Mum and Dad are coming through Sydney to visit for the night on Saturday night! We are very excited! They have been at my cousins wedding on North Stradbroke and holidaying in FNQ so they are detouring on their way back to Melbourne and stopping by in Sydney for the night.

I think I have a winner for the give away! Something that's ringing very true to me right now... But it's not too late to enter and change my mind! I plan to announce the winner on Monday.

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  1. Yay! Having fun posts are the best. Sounds like everything is going great for you :) (Other than the shots...)


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