Thursday, September 1, 2011

Model Baby

Sorry... I will be back with Part two of Abi's birth story soon.
It's been pretty busy around this part of the world.
(Hopefully the wait is worth it???)

Oh! And I really really need to catch up on everyones blogs! I read them on my phone in the middle of the night when I'm feeding, but it's way too hard to comment - so my comments are coming!

But for now, I wanted to share some beautiful photos of of my divine daughter!
These were taken today, by the one and only amazing Kath Ellis.
These are my preview shots!
The shoot was a gift from my work colleges, and although I did need to travel all the way out to Rouse Hill, I do honestly believe it was well worth it!

Kath was amazing and such a pleasure to have take our photos. 
She takes her time and is in no rush at all. I think we were there for about 3 hours!
AND! Didn't care at all when Abi did a wee on one blanket and then 2 poos on another!
If your interested in having some photos done please do contact her...
Her website details are KATH ELLIS

And I just wanted to say that although I know Kath (I work for her husband) I am paying for the photos. 
This is NOT a business plug. I just think her work is amazing and would even if I didn't know her or have any association to her.


  1. They are fantastic, even if you were plugging (which I knew you weren't) she deserves it, she does a fantastic job.

  2. These photos of Abigail look fantastic as do you and your now family of 3!!!

  3. Such beautiful photos!!!!

    I'm sure accidents are all part of the baby photography experience ;)

  4. Beautiful photos Sammie. Abi is such a little cutie and the photo of all three of you is just so lovely it made me happy sigh!

  5. Gorgeous photos! I love the 4th one down, it's so precious when they do that grumpy sleep face. hehe
    She is absolutely perfect and the photos are a work of art

  6. Such beautiful photo's Sammie!

    Your little girl is gorgeous. The pics of her on her tummy are precious! xo

  7. Oh, Abigail is scrumptious! Such beautiful shots :)

  8. Oh I love them!! What fantastic photos!!
    I particularly love pics 1 and 4.

    Is pic 1 a yawn or a cry? Either way it is adorable!

  9. Jessica - its a yawn! She slept the whole way through! She was pretty perfect!
    From these shots, I think I have decided I like 5 of just her. But I do love the one of her and her daddy! He was just so precious and did not care at al about showing his feelings and just forgetting about the camera.
    I hope the ones we did of just Abi and myself are just as good.

    (I have been working on Part 2 of the birth story) I plan to publish it ASAP.

  10. Gorgeous photos - congratulations again


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