Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Beginning (Part 1 of Abigail's birth story)

Firstly, I just wanted to say that this is going to be a bit of a story...
I am going to start, and slowly work my way through it.
Please be patient to get the whole story... It is a long one.

So lets re-cap something from about 2 weeks ago... SPANNER IN THE WORKS
After having the high BP issue, things started to calm down. I was 'officailly' on leave and having a great old time planning and preparing the last few things for Abi's room and the baby shower. Getting the deck sorted and the last few bits and pieces done around the house (except the laundry - another story).
A week later (Tuesday the 23rd of August) I had my regular appointment with my GP (Shared care Doctor)
I was feeling good. I popped a few dollars into the parking metre and decided I would get a mani and pedi afterward in preparation for the hospital stay!
In we went. Normal chat. Normal checks... Um, your BP is 163/100 this isn't great... I'm calling the hospital now. You need to have this baby NOW.
Shit! Um. Ok. I called the husband and my mum and let them know what was happening.
I met me husband at home. We drove to RPA.

We arrived at RPA and were sent to the waiting room. They were really really busy and would get to us ASAP. They were every nice about it though.
About an hour later we were taken to the room and we went through tests, monitors and finally they decided to induce me.
I was induced by placing a gel type thing on my cervix.
By the way, in the mean time I had been on the phone to my mum in Melbourne and then on the ipad booking her flight to Sydney! She was jumping on the 6.15pm flight.
I said she should just come in the morning, but she wanted to come there and then. $235 for a one way flight and it was done. Damn you airlines...
We were monitored for a while longer and the midwife asked me how the contractions were... 'what contractions?' I asked? It seemed crazy that I was having these contractions and couldn't even tell!
We were then taken to a ward and told it was quite possible that we probably wouldn't have this baby till Thursday!
Then the cramping started (period pain type cramping). It wasn't all that nice and I was tired so I decided to take a nap. This was around 6.15-6.30pm.
I woke a bit before 7pm and just lay there chatting to my husband...
We were both extremely startled by this loud "popping" noise and I then jumped from the bed and remarked that I thought my waters had broke.
I raced to the toilet and sat (sorry if too much information - be warned - there is more)
I had 'water' leaking and felt the pains getting worse. My husband (from now on you will know him by name - ERIN) went and got the nurse who came back and told me to change and put a pad on and she would come back later. "Bitch" I thought. Have you any idea!
Changed. Pad on. I was in agony. I couldn't stand light and was cowered over on my knees over the bed.
Another massive gush of water and I had Erin go and get the nurse again... (at some point the nurse had done change over and we had a new one!)
On the toilet again and I suddenly had to do a poo... I did. Sorry. But it's part of the story.
The nurse came in and confirmed that yes indeed my waters had broken. Seeing me there in pain, she helped in onto the bed so that she could do an internal examination. Wow! She says! Your 4cm's dilated! We have to get you to labour ward. (It was 7.30pm - 30 minutes since my waters had broken)

Down to labour ward we go. Erin calls mum and leaves her a message saying that she had now better get a cab to the hospital...
Originally, thinking nothing was going to happen, Erin was going to drive to the airport and pick her up!

In the labour ward. And my god it hurts. They offer me the gas. It's horrible. Makes me feel like crap and I think it didn't do a thing. I actually think I threw it away and onto the floor.
I was having stronger and stronger contractions it was not nice. They were about 5 minutes apart. It was about 7.30pm.
I said I wanted something for the pain. I said I wanted an epidural. Erin tried to get me to change my mind and have the morphine first. I think we had a little argument...
They said they would get the drugs ready after for some reason I just agreed to have the morphine?
8pm and mum calls through. She has the message is getting a cab and will see us soon.
In the mean time, I had decided I wanted my mum to be there for the labour. (A decision I will never ever regret and I'm so happy I made and that Erin was happy for to)
More contractions. No drugs? WHERE THE FUCK ARE THEY.
8.30pm - mum arrives. Mum still no drugs? Mum I feel like I need to do a poo. Erin! get the Dr. this isn't right. It's too soon.
Dr comes in. examining my belly, I have a contraction and push her hand away. I'm apologising and in some not so great state.
Internal examination. Oh. Um... Your fully dilated. You can start pushing.
Wheres the drugs? Sorry it's too late. WTF!
Cue midwife. Can they bring in a student midwife? WHO CARES!

Ok. We are pushing. It's a bit before 9pm.
OMGWTF! No way. I can't do this. Make it stop. NO! I can't. OMG.
Mum says to Erin... Do you want a 23rd or 24th baby. 24th would be nice he says... My (his) birthday is the 24th (July) and our wedding anniversary is also the 24th (April)
Like hell! I say... it's the 23rd, it's going to be the 23rd.
(Apparently, other than this I was actually very quiet. Concentrated on my breathing and was a little in a world of my own... Unless you could see the bruises on mum and Erin's hands and arms)

Contraction. Push. Contraction. Push. Contraction. Push. Contraction. Push. Contraction... Welcome to the world baby Abigail Elizabeth!

So. That's 5 contractions. A whole lot of pain and pushing and a 9.14pm time of birth.
Total labour from waters breaking to birth approx 2.5 hours.

So far... That's where I'm at for you all (And especially me)
So much to cover and go through.
Long story so far I know. But so much to tell.

A very personal photo. I may choose to remove this photo at some point.

Only minutes old

Thank you all so very very much for all of your lovely comments and well wishes on Abi's arrival. Every single comment means so much to us. 

PS: She is a wonderful, beautiful baby who is settled and sleeping really well. 


  1. Omg! Sammie congratulations. Abigail looks beautiful. I hope you are enjoying every moment of being a mum. It's tiring and such a shock at first but very rewarding =) Thanks for sharing your story. Take care...

    Mrs A

  2. Congratulations on the arrival of Abi and thanks so much for sharing.

  3. Wow thanks for sharing your story, it's fascinating. Congratulations once again.

  4. The photo is beautiful. You did amazing coping with such a fast labour!

  5. Sammie you are absolutely gorgeous! Thank you for sharing such a special story and beautiful photo. I feel so lucky to have uncovered such amazing women through all our blogs and I can't wait until it's my turn :)

  6. Well done on birthing the beautiful Abigail. Thank you for posting such a beautiful photo - really special. So glad little Abigail is sleeping well and that you got to share your experience with your mum and Erin. Welcome to motherhood - you'll love it!

  7. Thanks for sharing your story. It's such a personal experience and for someone who hasn't been through it, I was reading each part holding my breath and imagining what it must be like. She is very precious.

  8. Wow what a birth story! You did so well Sammie, such amazing strength.

    I thought my daughter's birth was 'quick' at 6.5 hours lol.

    Thanks for sharing and congrats again on little Abigail :)

  9. Congrats! Beautiful story, can't wait for part 2 =)

  10. What an entrance Abi!
    You did an amazing job Sammie. I bet your Ma and Erin are so proud.
    That is a very special photo, thanks so much for sharing it with us

  11. Great story! Oh I am having flashbacks at the 'you're 10cm & it's time to push' while I was waiting for my drugs. Horrible moment that.
    Gorgeous photo of you guys too- enjoy the first few weeks!

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  13. I love hearing birth stories, they are all so individual. I totally understand about having a baby with no drugs- its killa! you did so well and she is soooo adorable!

  14. Thanks. It took some time to write and I can see why now it takes people so long to post their own birth story.
    It's not over yet. There is more from where that came from...
    Once I find a quiet moment (hopefully tonight) I will attempt to finish it.
    I really think you need to be in the right frame of mind to write it and its something that can't be done right away.
    It is a very special photo. And I'm glad I feel that I could share it.

  15. Sammie, thanks so much for sharing your story with us. The photo of you and Abigail doing your skin to skin bonding looks absolutely precious!

    I'm looking forward to the second installment of your birth story.


  16. Wow - you did an amazing job! I was induced for my first, and it ain't easy! The photo is beautiful :)

  17. Oh I love your birthing story. Similar to a friend of mine's only she wasn't induced. Beautiful photo too. Thanks for sharing & congrats again x

  18. Wow Sammie, I just popped by to see how everything was going and you've already given birth! What a great story and I'm so so proud of you. It's amazing to think that I've been a long reader of your blog and to know your story of you trying to conceive and now you have beautiful Abigail.

    Super congratulations! You are going to love being a mum !! xxxxx

  19. Hi Sammie, I was just wondering... Were you at RPA's hypertension clinic this morning? I think I saw you. For some reason I was so engrossed reading the news on my mobile phone that I didn't even see you arrive and sit down right across from me. I caught a glimpse of you as I was called to go and do a swab collection (sorry too much info!) and thought "I know that face" as I saw you when I got up and then again when I came back and that's when I realised I was having my first blogger sighting!!!! I was too shy to come and say hi, gutless I know!!! :p You looked gorgeous by the way.

    Hope all went well with your postpartum check up!


  20. Wow, they kept you in hospital for a whole week? Now I am really looking forward to seeing the second part of your birth story!

    Ha Ha, if you're going back next week then we may see eachother again. I'll be there as well. Will definitely come over and say hi if I run into you again and hopefully meet Abigal too! I only saw her capsule this morning and thought "It's definitely Sammie, she blogged about that capsule!" :p

  21. Congratulations! Long time lurker, first time commenter. Couldn't resist commenting on such a wonderful event. You should definitely keep that photo on. It's amazing. Makes me really think that I definitely want that one day soon. Hopefully...need the husband first! Hope she's healthy and happy

  22. Thanks for sharing your story. I am fascinated (if not slightly horrified) by child birth. It must have been a little scary how quickly it all happened! Sounds like you were fantastic!

  23. Sammie - wow, what a story! I am just catching up & have only just managed to read this. You'll see why on my blog.

    I loved reading this story - glad Abi did not keep you in agony for hours & hours. I too was induced early as my mum had high bloood pressure. I was over 3 weeks early. Love that photo - it's beautiful!


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