Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Spanner in the works

So yesterday I had the appointment with the registrar... A registrar is something between a midwife and an obstetrician.
She was really really lovely. There was a student Dr. with her who was really nice and it was great that she had to explain things to the student, so I got a little more information than usual.

All was going well till they checked my blood pressure... 145/100 OUCH! not good... Bloods taken, and I was sent off to the day clinic for a day of observation...
I was devastated. I couldn't stop crying. I have had the best pregnancy. I feel great.

I was hooked up to a fetal monitor. Passed with flying colours. BP checked again... Still high.
I was then sent for a urine test... Fine. A little protein, but fine. BP checked. Getting better.
I was then sent for an ultrasound. This I was excited for! A chance to have a sneak peak at Buggy! She is prefect! current weight around 2.9kg's and all looking really well. BP checked again. Better again!

Results from bloods back. All good. Meet with the obstetrician Woo Hoo! Allowed to go home. At 2pm.

I just need to take it easy and rest up.
I am allowed to do stuff. But just take it easy.

So I went to Bras and Things and picked up 3 maternity/feeding bras for $7 each!!! total RRP for these bras would have been $160 !!!
And they are nice! Have some lace and are really comfortable! I'm happy!
I also had a more than desperately needed haircut!

Feeling a lot better today.
Went to a breast feeding clinic/class at RPA this morning and I'm feeling a lot more confident!

Can't wait to meet our little girl!!!


  1. oh my goodness my heart skipped a beat when i started reading this... so so glad all is going well :) xx

  2. ^^ me too!

    It's good that they were so thorough with the checking and you know that everything is AOK.
    At least you have finished work now, so can really rest and keep hydrated.

    Yay for feeling more confident after the brestfeeding session-- I found this the most useful of the antenatal classes as well.

  3. Good to hear everything turned out ok!!!

    OMG re: cost of maternity bras I had to spend around $140 for 3 pairs (stupid big boobs).

    Rest up and enjoy these weeks before your gorgeous little girl arrives.

    PS: I loved the test - which probably means it's going to come back positive!

  4. don't stress! I had high blood pressure after Tallulah was born (pregnancy related) and I didn't even know! They were super worried about me which made me stress but a week after I was back to normal and everything is dandy! Weeeee so exciting its getting so close! Also I think its Kmart have actually really nice nursing bras brand- B2B or something! Lace and all and like $20!

  5. Don't worry too much about it Sammie. I have had high blood pressure since my first trimestre, its being well managed with medication so all is good. I had the same thing with my first son as well when I was pregnant with him in 2007/2008 and is the picture of health these days.

    By the way, we would've been at RPA at the same time yesterday!!! I was there in the morning as well for a check up at the hypertension clinic and actually saw the yellow sign giving directions to where the breastfeeding clinic was :p

  6. So glad to read that all is well!


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