Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Hardest Person in the world...

Harsh title...
It refers to gift buying for my dad!
He is seriously the hardest person in the world to buy for...
Some may disagree and say it's me... But really it is him. He wants something he just buys it.
Dad has a birthday coming up! 1st of September... I could very well be giving him his first grand child as a birthday present!

Having a sister an two brothers (bloody useless brothers when it comes to gift buying suggestions), makes it easier that we can all pitch in and get something together.
What makes it harder again is that his birthday is so close to fathers day!

This year it's my fabulous husband that looks like he has come up with the birthday present idea! Bless!

Found HERE

It's a cover of the Wheels magazine from the year and month of his birth.
It's a new thing, just been bought out.
I think it could be a great gift suggestion for any car nut enthusiast.

Just need to speak to sister and brothers about it and get their thoughts...
Problem is, it's a pretty crappy car on the cover (above) but this was the cover from his birth year/month.

What do you think?
Any other suggestions? I'm all ears!


  1. This is awesome! My stepdad would love it! He is much the same, very hard to buy for. I'm so book marking it for December, yes that's right. 3 days from Christmas!

    Last year we pitched in and bought him a 18 holes of golf at a prestigious club. He loved it.

  2. My father is impossible too - we usually resort to books, small electronics and rare memorabilia (the biggest hit was an ANZAC/Gallipoli piece). Your idea sounds like a good one though :)

  3. Your husband is a freaking genius! I'm bookmarking that link for Christmas or next June (bday) for my dad as well - he's a car nut so will hopefully love it :)

  4. Another one bookmarking the Wheels site..!! what a great gift idea.. I think most people find the men in their life very hard to buy for.

    For what its worth I think that car on the cover is pretty cool!

    FOr The Misters birthday I bought him some laps in a V8 supercar.. if you Dad is into fast cars then he might like something like that too..?


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