Monday, August 15, 2011


Three weeks (well a little less) till our due date! (2nd Sept)
Three days since I finished work (started my maternity leave)
Three days till we get our new deck and finally our shutter installed!
Three months since we have been in our new house.

Here I am (yesterday) about to head to Bunnings with my husband at 37.2 weeks with 3 weeks till our due date! And then we become a family of 3!

I have been off work for 3 days so far (today is number 4) 
I am finding if a little difficult to deal with the fact that I wont be earning money for a little while, and that I will rely on my husband... 
But I suppose it really is 'our' money anyway and will just learn to live with it.
The plan is to speak to the bosses in January and see how things are going. 
I have taken 12 months leave, but with a view to head back early. 

Three more days and finally our shutters are ready! They are coming on Wednesday to install them!
And the deck guy is coming to start the new deck out the back! All ready for summer!!!

And it's been three months since we moved into our new house. We love it so much are we are so very happy here. Things are really starting to come together and once we have those shutters installed, I will start taking a few shots of some of the different rooms in the house to share too!

Happy Monday everyone!
I'm off to the hospital for an appointment with the Registrar... Not sure what this in tales, but I'm off to go see what it's all about and why.
Then it's grocery shopping and maternity bra shopping too... I have been told that 'Bras and Things' are having a sale so fingers crossed I can pick up a few bargains!


  1. you look great!

    Good luck with shopping for a maternity bra. I found it near impossible to get one i liked. I actually found one i loved from Big W!!!

    It sucks to be relying on your husband for money etc, I hate it :( But it is wonderful staying at home with your beautiful bub. xo

  2. You are still looking amazing! So envious...I looked like a beached whale with each and every pregnancy!

  3. Good luck with the appointment.. and the maternity bra shopping!

    Glad you are loving your new house so much, looking forward to seeing the shutters!


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