Monday, October 17, 2011

And the winner is...

Thank you all so much for entering my give away and for all your wonderful worldly advice.
I totally agree that we (my husband and I) need to find time for each other and at the moment that doesn't seem to be happening so we will work on that and hopefully sometime soon we will! (And I think we need to wait till Abi is a touch older!)

Anyway, the winner is.... Emmie Gemmie from Desert Darling!

Her advice: Pick your battles.
This is so simple and so true, but ringing in my ears at the moment. Many/most of you know that I have inlaw issues and this has come up and raised it's ugly head again this week. So for me, I really need to "pick my battles" in everything relating to them and my little family...

But, just so I can vent for a sec...
If your husband had a very hard, tough, long hours job AND a new born baby... (Like mine) and his brother was currently not working, and had no real commitments (my brother in law) Who should the mother and father (my in laws) call in the middle of the night and at all differnt times during the day to do stuff for them and drive them to differnt places!
Grr... F me. I'm pissed. But to not sound like a whinging bitch, I'm keeping quiet, I have decided that this is not something I need to argue or bring up with my husband. I'm carefully "picking my battle"

Vent over.

I also thought that this candle being "little black dress" was perfect for Emmie, seeing as she has a 9 month old and lives in the desert... When will she too get time for her little black dress!

While reading through the comments there was a comment that really made me giggle! So there is a second runner up prize for Liss who has asked me to "please, please, please never become one of those parents who lets their child run free in Woolworths (Balmain, I'm talking about you) who always ends up almost under the wheels of my trolley."
Liss, did you know that I live in Balmain! Did you know that I know EXACTLY what you mean! And I do very much promise to never ever become one of those people!!!

Girls, please contact me via email with your details so I can post you off your prizes!


  1. I know exactly how you feel - mr TPS & I are going through something similar with his fam at the moment. Sigh

  2. Ahh thanks Sammie!! How lovely to win a prize! Thanks so much!

    I have to admit it's not always easy advice to follow!! Your inlaws sound nightmarish.. I'd be livid too.. grrr... you are doing well not to lose the plot. I also feel for your husband, who is no doubt in a pickle trying to please everyone.

    I am so excited about my candle! I will email you tomorrow.. thanks again! xoxo

  3. Sammie I know exactly what you mean about your in-laws! You really do have to learn what battles to fight and what to just let go....I'm still learning this!

  4. ha ha! I knew you lived in the area, but didnt realise you were in Balmain as well!
    Actually, this may sound a little stalker-ish, but I think I saw you last night outside the London....

  5. ha ha! Liss you sure did see me outside the London.
    I had been at the park and my husband came and met me and we had a quick drink before heading home for dinner.

  6. Congrats Emmie!

    Sammie, I would be absolutely seething if I was in your position. Your poor husband must be exhausted.

  7. OMG Sammie!! My inlaws are exactly like yours!! My husband works long hours, we have a 7 year old and a 7 month old and they always ring him at all hours to come and do stuff for them. Sure they are old, but they ring for stupid stuff like - can you get us a stapler?, can you buy us rice?

    They have a car and manage to drive everywhere to see their friends, and go to the pokies but small things like that they pretend like they are invalid. And they have 2 daughters who do nothing for them but they worship them!

    What's worse is that husband is very close to his older brother, who also feels the need to call all the time. They love having a good old chat, and sometimes I get so angry as after being home with a baby all day I want to chat to hubby, but he enjoys chatting with his bro more. I often feel like the third wheel in our marriage, I used to speak up and say this to hubby, but after many arguements have learnt to pick my battles. It is much less stressful than fighting over everything.


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