Thursday, October 20, 2011

Bargain Baby

We seem to be busy every day...
There is always something happening, someone so see, somewhere to go, something to do!
It's great! But it's also great when we have some quiet home time... (Like right now! Abi is sleeping!)

Just wanted to share our super bargain outfit from yesterday!

Here's Abi at 8 weeks and 1 day! Wearing A Cotton On top that was $5 And a pair of Bonds leggings that we picked up for $3.57 BARGAIN!!!
I ADORE Seed clothing and Abi has so so much of it (we bought even more today... Naughty). 
But for great everyday stuff and great stuff too! Cotton On Kids is EXCELLENT! They currently have 2 x leggings for $15 which is a great deal when they grow out of stuff so quickly. 
Sadly we already have a "too small" bag now. Abi is growing up so quickly. She now weighs about 4.1kg's and is getting taller all the time. She loves cuddles (a little too much) and gets excited when her Daddy gets home from work. Enjoys going to the cafe with her cousin (who has just moved to Sydney and is temporarily living with us) and the pub with everyone from our mothers group!

Today we went to the post office to pick up a package!
This is what was inside:

Finally I am going to get around to sending thank you cards... I ordered them from
Friends have used them for their thank yous and it was just the easiest thing to do! A little expensive, but well you know...

Maybe old fashioned, but I really appreciate receiving a thank you from others. I just hope I haven't left it too late!


  1. I'm trying to jump on the 'way too' organised bandwagon at the moment. I read a tip to address and stamp a whole bunch of envelopes prior to Pecan arriving. I also bought an online voucher to make cheap thank you notes but I know that will take me FOREVER to get around to doing once Bubs has arrived.

    Your thank-yous are gorgeous! Abi is just too cute.

  2. cotton on is one our faves! fun and cheap!

  3. 8 weeks already! Abi looks adorable in the top! I'm sure most people will appreciate that you took the time to thank them - and if they are like me, they would probably love receiving it in the mail amongst all the boring bills!

  4. That outfit is too cute! I'm with you when it comes to thank you notes - always appreciated no matter how early or late they arrive :)

  5. Abi is beyond cute! look at her hair <3
    It's so hard to resist places like Cotton On, love it!
    I have book marked your thank you website, they are adorable.

  6. Abi is such a doll!

    The thankyou cards look really nice. I think you are doing really well to get them out this soon.. I'm pretty sure I left my for longer than 3 months. People understand that you have a lot on your plate!


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