Friday, October 21, 2011

Getting to know you...

The lovely Reezy from Peanut Butter and Honey tagged me in a
'Tell me about yourself award'
The gist is to tell 7 random things about yourself and forward onto other bloggers.
So some random facts/bits about me:

1. I am scared of birds. All birds so matter how big or small. I will take a wide wide berth around a bird and freak out if one even comes close to me.
2. I like raw pastry. If I bake a pie, queishe etc... I eat some of the raw pastry. Gosh it must be so bad for me!
3. I was the very first left hander in my family. Including all of my extended family. My sister and then one brother followed. Now some of my very young cousins are left handed, but it started it first!
4. I actually hate breastfeeding, I dont enjoy it at all. Don't want to do it, but know how important it is for Abigail so I preserver at it.
5. I know that the BF is important for Abi, but I'm also doing t for selfish reasons... It is a great way to lose the pregnancy weight gain! Going really well so far, I'm below my pre-pregnancy weight!
6. I really really really want to move to back to Melbourne. Although I will really miss my friends, I really really miss my family and I'm totally over Sydney and my husband working a million hours a week.
7. Most of my family still don't know about my blog! Crazy I know... But I kinda like it that way :-)

So I am supposed to pass this onto 15 more! 15! Golly Gosh! 
How about this instead... If you would like to complete this 'challenge' go on right ahead! (Let me know if you do! I'm love to read your 7 random facts/bits about you!)


  1. I love raw pastry too :) And cake batter!

    Wow I can't belive you are lower than your pre-pregnancy weight! You are doing soo well... I'm so jealous! I still have 5kg that won't budge! Whaaaa!

    Sorry to hear that you are hating the breastfeeding so much :-( Considering you are not enjoying at all, you are doing super well to have soldiered on for so long- Abi is very lucky to have such a determined Mama. What about it do you dislike the most?

    Hardly anyone knows about my blog too

  2. :( Sux that you hate breastfeeding - I did too! But, after a few months I grew to love it, and hated stopping in the end. Good on you for perservering -you're doing so well for your daughter! But if it makes you miserable, formula is not so bad.

    Oh, and I totally get the homesick thing - I'm originally from Sydney and am living in Brisbane for my partners work. Like your husband, mine works more hours than there are in a week ;) Fingers crossed that one day you will all be back with your family (and i with mine) ;)

  3. I think moving back to Melbourne sounds like the best idea EVER! xxx


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