Sunday, October 23, 2011

Dear Abigail (TWO months old!)

Photo taken at Quarantine Reserve - Abbotsford NSW

Dear Abigail,

Wow! You are already two months old! The time just keeps going quicker and quicker... I still wish that you would stay little for just a little longer.
Now you are smiling ALL THE TIME, cooing and ga gaing too!
You sleep so much better, but still hate going to sleep. There has been many a screaming match at our house and many many long walks in the pram.
We flew to Melbourne to see the family and back again and you would still have no idea that you went on a plane. I was oh so nervous, but you were so well behaved that I am not nearly as scared for next month when we are driving to Melbourne!
Your favorite toy seems to be your "Mick" dog (named after of our family dogs - a Blue Heeler that was originally named after Mick Dohan the motorbike racer) you could stare at him for hours!
You finally got to meet the real Mick and I think he took quite a fancy to you! You received a lick on the cheek and a lick on the hand too!
We love taking you out and about and you are generally a very relaxed baby.
We both miss Daddy lots and lots during the day, but both of our faces light up as soon as he walks in the door.
Today you went to your first birthday party! For Harry who turned 6! You loved being in the park looking around and all the coloured balloons too.
We have so many more adventures coming our way, we still love you more and more each day.

I will love you forever,
Love your Mummy.


  1. that is such a nice family photo! Where was it taken?
    Happy 8 weeks Abi! Time certainly starts accelerating when you have a baby!

  2. Happy 2 months Abi!!! :D

    Such a gorgeous family photo!! Hubby and I don't take enough with the three of us.

  3. Lovely photo. Happy two months!

  4. I'm going to echo the family photo sentiments - you all look so happy!

    Crazy I remember thinking how quickly 1 month had passed with Abi and now it's 2! The scary thing is I may very well have my own newborn when you're posting the 3 month post.

  5. Oh my gosh, where has the two months gone?? That's crazy, Abi is so adorable Sammie!
    Hehhe I love that her fave toy is Mick the dog :)

  6. two months already?? wow, great family pic. x


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