Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Step back in time

People ask me all the time if I miss being pregnant?
No, actually I don't. But I do wish I had of appreciated it a bit more while I was and I know if we go back for number 2 that I will take the time to appreciate my body and the changes (when I wasn't feeling like crap)
I also want to make sure I document my next pregnancy with more photos (and nice ones)

But for now, lets step back in time and look at the bump that was!

14 Weeks
16 Weeks
22 Weeks. Sun burnt in Noosa. I just looked fat.
24 Weeks. Moving day. Finally we were in our new house!
25.5 Weeks
26 Weeks
27.5 Weeks. Same clothes, same pose!
29.2 Weeks
30 Weeks. 10 to go! or so I thought!
31 Weeks. In desperate need of a haircut.
32 Weeks
34 Weeks
35 Weeks
36 Weeks
37.2 weeks
37.2 weeks
38.1 weeks. With hubby (this time desperately needing a haircut!)
38.1 Weeks. And Abi was born 3 days later!

And that's me!

Did you document you pregnancy in any way?
Are you glad you did? Or wish you had?

I'd love you to share!


  1. Beautiful pics! I've only really started taking photo's now that I have a little someting there.

    I'm keeping a diary. I don't write every day, more weekly or fortnightly. Just to record how I feel, what i've been thinking about. It's mostly about what I do with my days and spare time. Once bub comes and I'm having a bad day, I can look back and try to do something the old me loved to do (if that makes sense). I'll try to keep it going post pregnancy too. Particularly if it's a girl it would be nice for her to have access to info about my pregnancy, rather than me trying to remember.

  2. Your pictures look great! You had a lovely bump!

    I have a preggo shots, but wish I had taken more.. I like those ones that are the same angle every day so you can really see how it grows... at the time I felt I just felt dumpy and so was avoiding the camera.. I took quite a few at the very end, because I couldn't beleive how big I had gotten! But should have taken more in the middle stages- it took ages for me to show!


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