Thursday, October 27, 2011

My pram

A little while ago someone asked me what I thought of my pram.
Well I love it!
I have a Mountain Buggy Swift and we also have the carry cot/bassinet.
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Pro's of my pram:
slim design - can get in and out of shops easily. And this is a must in Balmain and all the tiny narrow shops - One in particular being Seed!?!?
3 Wheeler
great on all terrain. I love going walking with my pram!
decent enough storage under pram.
great sun shade - when the seat is on the pram. Not the bassinet
Rain cover for both bassinet and seat
Fantastic affordable price point -$600 incl carry cot
easy to get spare parts and replacement bits through Mountain Buggy
Easy to get in and out of the car
My new cup holder!!! Now I can have free hands to push properly and not have to hold onto my coffee or juice!

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The con's of my pram:
Fairly small bassinet - lucky for me I have a small baby. For others it could be a waste of money getting the bassinet (or would be better getting the Mountain Buggy Urban as the bassinet is bigger)
Once the seat is on you can not have the baby facing you, it only faces outwards
You can't get a sun shade for when you have the bassinet on only for the seat

And to be honest. That's all I can think of as far as con's go.

What type of pram do you have? 
What are the pro's and con's of your pram?


  1. I have the same pram!!!! I absolutely love our buggy!

    Little G has just started using the front facing seat, and i thought she'd hate it, but nope she still loves it. Actually I think she loves it more, now she can see everything, and she gets attention from strangers!!! lol

  2. I have no clue where to even start with a pram. Maybe I'll just this one!

  3. I have the Peg Perego Duette (for the twins)- love it, steering wheel, can configure the seats in different directions, large storage and I have the peg capsules that click in as well and off we go!

  4. I have the same pram too and LOVE it! Whilst some of my mum friends are thinking of trading in their large prams for strollers I think this buggy is the perfect size and so compact!

  5. Reezy, you wont be disapointed in the MB Swift, I can assure you!
    Of all my close close friends with children (6) all of us have the MB only one has the Bugaboo - She does love her Bugaboo though!
    Renee, I don't see that I will had a need for a stroller! Saving yet more $$$ again!!!

  6. Thanks for the review sammie! It's definitely a front runner for me...but I like the bugaboos versatility too...though its way more exxy. Something to think about!!

  7. Sammie, I so well remember my love affair with my own pram. Prams are the most important kit for a new mum - like getting your license... FREEDOM! x

  8. Please email me! I have a question about your blog! :)


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