Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Giddy Up!

I just love horse racing.
I love the Spring racing Carnival!
I miss being in Melbourne so much at this time of year.

Yesterday morning Abi and I went and placed our bets at the TAB
10 week old Abi in her pram blowing bubbles
Yesterday was a super low key Melbourne Cup for me.
One of the girls from my mothers group hosted 12 of us at her house for a few bubbles and we all bought over some yummy food!

I wish I had of remembered to take a photo of the fridge!
It was filled with bottles of bubbles and expressed milk! (all of us except one are breast feeding - the one is due to an allergy) and so we could all enjoy a few glasses of bubbles we came prepared with a bottle of expressed milk to feed our baby

To respect others privacy, I wont put up all their photos, but I did get a photo of each mum and bub!

Here is Abigail and I
Abi in the only dress that fits her. Her cloud dress from Seed. (She now weighs 4.5 kgs!)

It was a really nice day and we did pick a few winners (but not in the Cup), I do have to say I am looking forward to a big boozy lunch next year! (bring on the baby sitter!)

What did you get up to for Melbourne Cup?
Did you pick any winners?


  1. I actually made it to the cup yesterday (the second time only even after being in Melbourne 8 years) and had a really lovely day having a picnic with a friend right at the finish line. Apart from the obscenely drunk people who kept falling on us and the trashy girls sitting just in front of us (who literally kept sticking the camera up their dresses to take photos of their crotches - ewwww) and the sunburn I now have - it was so much fun. Didn't win any money but thats ok.

    Glad you had fun - I wish I had thought of that when I had little ones. Celebrating with other mums would have been fun.

  2. My boss always takes us for a boozy lunch for Melbourne Cup. Even though we don't get a holiday in Brisbane, we always have a half day of work :) I didn't win anything though!

    Glad you got to have a little celebration :)

  3. Last year I was being discharged from hospital after the Melbourne cup and we had some winnings! Sadly this year we didn't have any and I spent it at home watching it on TV with Lily.

  4. Look at little Abi she has changed so much already!!! Too cute!

  5. Sounds like such a nice way to spend the cup. I was stuck at work so only placed a bet on the big one :((

    I didn't have a winner, my money was on Jukebox Jury. I think it's still running! haha.


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