Friday, November 4, 2011

Catching Zzz's

While I was pregnant I slept on my back.
I was always told how bad it was, I shouldn't do it, it's bad for me. it's bad for the baby etc...
I never got very big and it was the most comfortable way for me to sleep.

Now after having Abi, I still sleep on my back. I have too! Otherwise my boobs hurt too much as they fill up with milk!

We do ok in this house and most of us get plenty of sleep. I dare say I get the least!
Because my husband works, I never have ever expected that he get up for the night time feeds.
Lucky for me it now only seems to be one!

Abi generally goes to bed around 7pm.
I huge lesson learnt after reading and talking to lots of people about the "save our sleep" book.
It works! But because we started it later on, we don't give Abi the 'dream feed' but rather let her sleep through. She tends to wake sometime between 2-4am.
She feeds and goes back to sleep rather easily (most of the time)
Then she normally is up again between 8-9am and is one very happy and well rested baby!

Baby Zzz's... We all know how they 'should' sleep... But it wasn't working for us.
So... Abi actually sleeps on her tummy... I know I know... It's not good, SIDS risk etc...
But it was the only way we could settle her into a good sleep. And for that reason we still have her in our room, where as lots of people I know have their little ones already in their own rooms...

Sometimes before Abi settles herself (for her day sleeps) she moves all around and the other day I found her...

So, how do you sleep? 


  1. I LOVE and really miss sleeping on my belly! I usually fall asleep on my right side however I've just learnt this is bad for blood flow to bub :( now I have readapt to my left..
    All our baby pics are of us asleep on our belly.
    Abi sounds like the baby I've ordered :)

  2. Abi is just adorable with her little bum in the air. Georgi is a great night sleeper, not so much in the day. But she refuses to stop using her wrap. I'm desperately trying to wean her off it cause it is really hot where we live!!!

    BTW love the little outfit!

  3. Oh and she is still in our room. I love having her there in her cot. :D

  4. I like sleeping on my back or tummy and really missed both when I was pregnant! I actually fainted while at the dentists due to being on my back for too long! How embarassment. The baby was obviously pressing on a major artery or something! But I had a pretty big baby!

    From about 10 weeks old, I put Bay to sleep on her tummy too. It was the only way she would stay asleep. I weighed it up against our other risk factors (non-smokers, cool house, firm mattress, co-sleeping etc etc) and decided that the risks of operating on no sleep far outweight the statisticlly tiny likelihood of SIDS, in our case.

    But I've had a lot of 'tutt tutts' and disapproving comments from people.

    From about 5months it didn't matter anyway as whenver she was put onto her back she'd roll straight onto her tummy.

  5. Thanks Emmie, makes me feel better knowing there are others out there like us. The risk factors are the same for us.
    Lots of tutt tutting here too...
    Leah Abi hated being wrapped, but I have been told and read that the longer you can do it the better! Not sure about in hot weather though?
    Abi is a great night sleeper too!
    The little outfit is Country Road but its starting to get a little small :-(

  6. I just finished reading SoS after getting a second hand copy at my baby shower which all the 'newish' Mums raved about. I'm not sure, I want to try it because I love routines etc... but I also don't want my life ruled by baby, I want to be more go with the flow!

    My SiL found that my niece slept so much better on her belly. It freaked her husband out but I think it's all about doing what's best for the individual.

    Abi is so cute :)

  7. Jess- I reckon wait until your babe is at least 12 weeks old before trying to get them into a super strict routine.. by then you may find your days have found their own natural rhythm anyway.. From memory the Save Our Sleep book recomends 4hrly breastfeeds for newborns.. that usually isn't enough.. tiny babies often need food more often than that and going so long before feeds can adversely impact your milk supply

  8. Totally agree with Emmie.
    We loosely stick to SoS.
    Mainly for nights. And you can just pick up different things from it. You need to have a life still!
    Abi even now generally feeds 3 hourly during the day and she is nearly 11 weeks!
    You have to do whats right for you, but the 7pm bus thing is pretty true! And don't forget you need husband and wife time too!

  9. Lily sleeps on her tummy, she rolled over and just preferred it that way. I like sleeping on my side and never liked sleeping on my tummy.

    I decided to not do a routine in the early months. I did demand feeding and followed her cues especially with all the growth spurts going on as I didn't want to be expressing at specific times (as what these books recommend) when all I wanted to do was rest until needing to feed again.

    But after 3 months I slowly introduced more of a routine and found these books helpful with the dreamfeed concept. Even though we have a routine now, it's still very much driven from both of us rather than what it says in a book. But I guess it's good to see examples of how to break up the naps etc.

  10. Hi. It's pretty normal to have sleepless nights when we have a newborn child at home. We have to wake up and attend to the needs of the child whenever he cries. But my mom always tell me that whenever the baby is asleep I should also catch some zzzzzss to re-charge o to avoid being too cranky. :D

  11. my kid sleeps 7 to 7 and I sleep like rubbish- 11 to 4!!! Insomnia sucks x


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