Monday, October 10, 2011


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It's not easy trying to do grocery shopping with a little one.
We are really lucky where we live that I can pretty much walk everywhere. I hardly use the car anymore!
The Pram we have is wonderful, but I can't fit much in the little basket underneath (we have a Mountain Buggy Swift)
One of the girls in my mothers group showed me another storage thing she bought, so I went and picked one up!

It's great for being able to carry a few extra things, but still... It's just not enough... Especially toilet paper! I hate buying toilet paper... So big and bulky... And now Nappies too... Even bigger and bulkier...

Here is the answer!!! Off Your Trolley But for nappies... Ok Me

Now it's really only meat and the fruit and vegies that I need to worry about! Brilliant!

What other online + delivery sites can you recommend or do you use?

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  1. Sorry Sammie, I highly recommend going out on your own to get groceries when someone else can look after the baby. This means you have a bit of a break and some time without the baby - yes you both will survive 1hr apart. :)

    I don't know, it's too hard with 2 of mine and I just want to browse without being yelled or cried at. Also it gets way harder when they are older.

  2. What I do is pop Eve into a sling and then use one of the higher half trolleys so I don't have to bend down. But the storage thing is a great trick if you have the pram.

  3. Hi Sammie, another mum to be here...I would love to hear your review of the Mountain Buggy Swift now you have bubs if you have the chance - we are now considering getting one of these because they seem super light and easy to manouvre. Pity about the storage space...

  4. I LOVE my Mountain Buggy Swift!
    Will do a review on it in a post this week!

  5. I often feel like a packhorse when I am out with the baby!
    The sling is great for quick trips to the shops so you have your hands free.. Now Bay sits up by herself I just pop in her the front of the trolley which she loves and means I can do a bigger shop, which is great.. better than having to do lots of small trips with the pram.
    Until Abi is big enough for that looks like you have found some good storgae solutions!


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