Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Meeting Friends!

It's been a busy couple of weeks in our household!
We have had visitor after visitor after visitor!
It's been lovely.
Abi has been showered with yet even more gifts and super super spoilt.

Some very special visitors included

Abi and Arkie (Abi just looks hungry)
One of my best girlfriends Samantha (yes same name) and baby Arkie.
Arkie was born on the 23rd of December. I found our I was pregnant on the 23rd of December!
Abi was born on the 23rd of August! So there is exactly 8 months between these two babies!

And then there was cousin Lily! Lily is 10 weeks old! Look at her! I posted about her birth HERE
Lily and Abi with their 'I Love Daddy' tops on!
My nana came (Abi great nana) on Sunday with Lily too, but we didn't get a photo!
Unfortunately, the one visitor that we really want to see and really really want to come visit too are our very very close friends Rene, Philippa and little Hania.
They are all really really super sick at the moment, so we have put it off for a while till they are better.
My mum, dad, sister and her husband are up on the weekend!!! We are all very excited and can't wait!!!
Then we have our first flight booked to go to Melbourne to visit the family on the 28th of September! I'm a little scared! But hopefully we will be fine.

Praying for good weather this weekend! PLEASE!


  1. Ahh don't all the babes look cute together.. it's funny how even the littlest of people look massive compared to a newborn!

    Don't worry about the flight, it's only a short ne and the younger the babies are the easier it is! With the hum of the engine and cuddled up in Mum or Dads arms she will most likely sleep the whole way.

    Fingers crossed for some nice weather for you


  2. Abi is so so cute Sammie and I'm sure all your visitors are telling you that. I hope your close friends recover quickly so you can visit with them. x

  3. ps. don't worry about the flight, friends recently took their 3 month old to Rome, on a Greek Isle cruise and to Paris and she was a perfect traveller so I'm sure Melbourne will be a breeze for you. x

  4. Oh yay! I love thinking about how these babies will grow up together and be best friends! It's so special.

    Have a great weekend with your family! It sounds (and looks) like you've settled into motherhood so well xx


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