Monday, July 11, 2011

Baby Lily!

We went to Terrigal yesterday to meet my new baby cousin LILY!
I have an uncle that is 18 months younger than me...
My nana had my mum at 19 and my mum had me at 19.
My nana re-married and had another baby.
It's really not all that strange.

My nana and Geoff her husband were up visiting so nana had her oldest grandchild (me) there and her youngest grandchild there (Lily)

She is just beautiful! And I'm sure Lily and Buggy will grow up to be great little buddies!!!
Doesn't my nana look pretty damn good for 69, having breast cancer in the past year and the mother of 6 children!

(Excuse my hair! It looks terrible! I didn't wash it... It was the weekend after all)


  1. You are a natural Sammie! Lily looks like a relaxed little Koala in your arms! She is beautiful.. I miss that newborn stage.... !!!

    I agree, your Nanna looks fabulous! I love photos where there are three generations in one shot

    If my hair looked half as good as yours I would be feeling really happy! It looks so thick and lovely!! And speaking of hair, Lily has a beautiful head of hair as well.. must run in the family :)

  2. Far out, your Nanna doesn't look that old at all! Yay for good genes ;) All the women in my family age well looks like the same thing in your family.

    Your cousin is gorgeous.

    I agree with Emmie you're hair looks fine and you do look like a complete natural.

  3. Aww lily is so gorgeous. You look like you are going to suit motherhood looking so at ease and all. Btw your hair is looking really healthy! Wait till it starts falling out!


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