Wednesday, July 13, 2011

It's all about the Bug

Sure seems its all about the Bug at the moment... (Or I should say baby)
I am on the home stretch. Most people think I am going to have her early. I don't.

I was in K-Mart just taking a look around killing time because A DIAMOND FELL OUT OF MY WEDDING BAND. AGAIN. GRR...
And was looking at all the baby stuff... It's also all about the dad...

They were only $5 each, but I decided to say no. And walked away.

I did however say YES! to this

But will put it away for Christmas for Buggy.
Speaking of Christmas... It really isn't all that far away. This year has well and truly flown. We are setting a good budget of $100 on gifts for Buggy from mummy and daddy, but I think we will probably go over. Thing is... At around 3-4 months old, she is going to have no idea whats going on anyway.

I have the first of my baby showers this weekend! My family one in Melbourne! 
I'm excited! Mainly to see my family, as this will be the last trip to Melbourne before the birth of Buggy.

I have made some cute little 'lolly bags' as a small token thank you to my guests

I'm feeling pretty thrifty about the whole thing and they only cost about $2 each.

Can't wait for the week to be over (a hugely busy one at work) before jetting to Melbourne on Saturday morning.


  1. The lolly bags look adorable!
    Have a great time at your shower this weekend!!!

    PS the love to play puppy is beyond cute!

  2. You are so right it will be Christmas before we know it-- Eek! It seems like one minute it was January and the next minute it is July!

    That Fisher Price Toy will be a winner.. Around 4 months Buggy will probably start 'playing' with more toys and they really love ones that make noises, especially those lovely crinkly ears!

    Have fun at your baby shower.. good to see the Lady Bug theme is going strong!

  3. I saw this today and instantly thought of you and the bug.
    Can't get the link to paste but it's at under plates Ladybug plate.

  4. Love reading your blog,
    i think like Lila anything ladybug reminds me of you.
    i saw this and just had to post

  5. Thanks everyone, have had a wonderful time in Melbourne and heading back to Sydney this afternoon and will update my blog with all the lovely things we got and did while in Melbourne. Although not many photos... Decided to enjoy the days rather than pull the camera out.


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