Monday, July 18, 2011

Showered with Gifts

So I have had my Melbourne baby shower with family and it was just lovely.
My mum and my sister did such a wonderful job and although I did stipulate NO GAMES there was just one game to be played and it was ok...
They had a clothes horse and you had to see how many pegs you could "take off the line" with one hand.
I had 12. I thought I did a brilliant job! Not so. Mum got to 19 and a good family friend Lisa got 20!
She won a lovely little prize - a vase.

The rest of the time was spent chatting and catching up with everyone and having a glass of champagne.

I am terrible and didn't take any photos... Except for a few when we first set up

I am amazed by the generosity of people every time.
Here is just a small selection of some of the gifts that we received

There was also lots of clothes and books which are all beautiful. I love everything!
But there is one very special gift that deserves a very special mention and photo all on it's own

Can you read the tag? BABY DIOR! this beautiful most divine 100% wool grow suit was gifted to us by my wonderful sister... Along with lots of lots of other things too... 

We have one very spoilt little Buggy on our hands here... Even her mummy doesn't own a piece of Dior!


  1. hurrah for baby showers! one of things I missed wah! Its funny when Ross went to buy Tallulah stuff whilst we were in japan he came back with this beautiful blanket and it was Burberry...I almost died! I don't even own a Burberry item- lucky lady! The Dior suit is beautiful and I'm sure you'll keep it forever!

  2. good work with all the lovely loot!
    I never had a baby shower, but I can totally see why people do!

    The table set with all those different flowers in vases and the champagne flutes looked really beautiful.
    The photo of your lolly bar is making me crave pineapple lollies- they are my faves!

  3. How beautiful, I love the lolly bar!
    Glad bub was well showered, such an exciting time. I'm with you on the 'no games' scenario. some of them make me want to pull my own teeth out! The peg one is different though, fun!

  4. Oh my goodness - baby Dior!! Better hope she doesn't throw up on that one. haha Looks like gorgeous wool. How very generous of your sister.

    Looks like everything was beautiful - you prob needed a spare bag to bring everything back to Sydney.

    Also, I have problems posting on your blog - every time! Even though I am logged in as myself, it just does not recognise my google account. I hve to manually enter my name and URL every time or otherwise it will post as Anonymous (even after I've logged in again). It's odd, as it works ok on other blogs ... and never used to do this.

  5. I love baby showers, they make you so clucky haha.

    The baby Dior is gorgeous! And I love all the pink flowers set up on the table, really pretty.

  6. What a beautiful setting! Looks like it was a success. I actually see a lot of similar gifts that Lily got too - bizarre!


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