Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A NON baby related post (for a change...)

So it seems that it's all been baby, baby, baby around here lately.
I'm sorry bloggers that are not all that interested in all the baby stuff...

So, we have been getting some stuff done around the house too!
Do you remember that the house had a blue door, window, balcony etc...
Now look!

So the top of the house (balcony) is not finished yet... But the bottom part is done and also the security door and screen for the window are on!
We are very very happy with our decision!
And think it looks brilliant!
Really glad we kept the cream/white accents and one day think we will change the colour of the house to a grey colour... Maybe. And not for a few years anyway.


  1. Love it!
    Don't worry I feel like it's all baby baby baby with me too but they're our firsts how can we not ;)

  2. I did love the blue but the new door looks wonderful!
    I love that stained glass- very beautiful!

    haha sometimes I struggle to come up with posts that aren't baby related too.. but that is the beauty of the internet, if people aren't interested they don't have to look!

  3. It's your blog - you can talk about whatever intersts YOU!

    I love shiny black doors, looks great.


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