Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Naughty Nana

The other day when I posted about my baby shower gifts, I didn't at all mention anything that my mum bought...
That's because it deserves a post all of it's own...
We have one very naughty nana on our hands...
Look at just what we were given at the baby shower...

Can you even see it all??? There is bibs, grow suits, dresses, leggings, a little pair of Hav's and more...
All on top of this beautiful blanket

So... I need your help... How on earth to I stop this naughty nana!


  1. Don't stop it! I'm sure she is super happy to be a nana and would be disappointed if you said to stop buying things. My mother in law is the same :)

  2. If she is anything like my Mum, there is no stopping her!
    She was quite restrained while I was pregnant (prob because we didn't know boy/girl) but has made up for lost time.. practically every week she posts me some lovely gift for Bay- I have told her she's got more than enough clothes/toys/bibs/books etc and maybe Mum could use the money to sponsor a Child in Need, but it falls on deaf ears!

    Your Ma has bought some lovely items.. I love that blue and white dress and that blanket is gorgeous- did she make it?

  3. Like other posters have said there is nothing you can do to stop Nanas! They're quite to force to be reckoned with when it comes to shopping for their grandkiddies. I say just go along with the flow. It's much easier that way :p

    Hope all's going well with your pregnancy! Not long to go now!!!

    BB @

    P.S. Sorry, my blogger is playing up again and not letting me post comments unless I do it as anonymous.

  4. Looks like your mum is a bit like my mum! Just enjoy it & let her go - she's excited. Great haul!!

  5. Oh wow - I could actually log in as myself & post this time. Hmmm, difference is that I'm on Firefox browser - maybe that is the key.

  6. There's no stopping them, they are a force. My mother has 3 grandchildren and I swear she spends 99.9% of her lowly income on them. Not a catch up goes by where she doesn't pull something out of her bag. Regardless of our conversations to stop her spending and us feeling so bad she does it, so I now just roll with the punches. Your little Miss is very lucky x

  7. Don't stop it - be so incredibly grateful that you have such a wonderful mum. Others (my girls) have no grandparents in their lives...and lets just say that when they have little ones of their own, your mum will have nothing on me :P

  8. You can't stop them. My mum is grandma to four children all 3 and under. None belonging to me. My parents house looks like a toy shop. The difference however is mum does this in a more environmentally friendly way.
    The op-shop! We have a really good op-shop near us. My nephew who is 3 can actually direct you how to get there, he goes there that often. Kids books are 50cents (vs $6-$9). My nephew gets matchbox cars also for 50cents. This means he has 20 for the same that 2 would cost brand new.
    Mum is really good at finding things there. She even finds brand new Pumpkin Patch clothes with the labels still attached for a fraction of the price.
    It makes me realise just what a consumeristic society we are....especially when it comes to children. Babies very rarely are into something long enough to wear it out.

  9. I do have one very awesome and very very excited nana! (And Pop too!)
    They are going to be the best grandparents! I just know it!
    It doesnt stop me from feeling bad though! Even though I know they can more than afford it!
    This isn't the start of it, there has been so much already! And they even bought the pram for us...
    Now as for the inlaws... Some of you know the story, some dont... Well not a peep out of them... Not a single congratulations... Not even one passed on from my husband.
    So, I suppose there is no stopping nana... And she really would only be offended if I tried to stop her anyway!
    Thanks everyone for your lovely comments... Emmie - I wish my mum had knitted that blanket! But unfortunately she passes on that gene that means we have no "crafty" bones in our bodies! It's from the Flemington Markets in Melbourne.

  10. I dont know,, what to say after reading Natalie comment. I can just say change to chrome dude.!

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  11. I say don't stop the Nanna hahah!!!!

    It is wonderful that you have people that want to give you things for your baby girl :)

  12. syeds - no I think you misunderstood, the point was it only works if I use Firefox.


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