Thursday, July 21, 2011

One of the boys

So I forgot to take a 33 weeks photo of the belly... But then I realised that I actually did have one!
This photo is from last Friday (officially 33 weeks pregnant) with the team of guys I currently work with.

We had our sales conference last Wed-Fri and this was taken first thing on Friday morning.
The guy in the blue shirt next to me is my boss and the one on the other side of him is the guy that's replacing me.

I actually adore all these guys in their own little way.
I am going to miss them a lot. 
They have always been great to me, and in fact I rather enjoy working with all guys anyway!

I can tell you that the belly is even bigger this week and I will "officially" update the blog tomorrow with a 34 week shot. 34 weeks........ I can't quite believe it!

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  1. I can't believe you are at 34 weeks either! Time has gone so quickly!! (though may not seem that way to you!)
    I have always worked with lots of men and it can be really fun.. I'm sure they will miss you while you are gone..


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