Friday, July 22, 2011

6 to go!

So here I am at 34 weeks! I can't quite believe it!
The time has flown.
Not sure how keen I am on this shot...
But I can only try to pose for a certain amount of time while the Mister takes a million crappy shots...
This is the best of a very bad bunch.

We have been going to 'how to have a baby' classes ion Thursday nights...
Week one was good.
Week two seemed like a waste of time.
We didn't go to week 3.
And at week 4 last night we finally had the hospital tour...
It all seems very very real now. I'm feeling a little scared.

Oh and there is 3 more weeks of these classes to go... We wont be going. We have been quite disappointed in them and as a trainer, I find it very very hard to be 'taught' the same thing over and over and over and by a very very very boring trainer/midwife.
I know that sounds really horrible... But these classes are really not very good. And we aren't the only couple that aren't going back... We over heard 2 others saying the same thing.


  1. Bummer about your classes, but for the most part you will know what to do when the time comes....sounds a bit cliche, but trust me - having babies is something we are meant to do. I found all our best advice came from "What to Expect When Your Expecting" - it was totally our pregnancy and newborn bible. We actually wore out our first copy during our first 2 pregnancies and bought a second copy when we were expecting the twins (though for anyone who may be reading & is pregnant with multiples get a copy of "When You're Expecting Twins, Triplets, or Quads" by Dr. Tamara Eberlein and by following her diet guideline gave me healthy twinnies both over 7lbs!).

    Now is the time to put your feet up and relax. Maybe throw some meals in the freezer or stock up on frozen and canned goods cause there are going to be days when you just can't be bothered cooking.

    I can never seem to not give my two cents now that my baby making days are over....but the last piece of advice...take everything with a grain of salt. You will be given completely contradictory advice from the day bug is born. Don't necessarily ignore it all...but store it, sort through it in your own time and don't be afraid to let your mummy instincts rule over the advice you have been given.

    other than that - 6 weeks left! WOOT!!! Have you got your hubby all sorted to post here when you have bub? We all can't wait :D

  2. Can't believe how close bug is to arriving! Only two of our classes were useful, the two on labour the rest were a waste of time for sure.
    Also you look great.

  3. You look beautiful!! You certainly have the pregnancy glow:) We did the one day pregnancy class but left by 11am (as did a couple of other classes) I had read so many books and discussed with mr k. Everything the midwife talked about we had already read..nothing new. nothing can really prepare you anyway, exactly like everything else in life. our approach for the first six weeks was that i was to take care of baby and mr k was to take care of me. it worked out great for us (each to their own). i felt the same when i was at the same stage as you but at the end, there must be some hormone released at week 40. you want that baby out and your fear of birth is less than faced with another week of carrying your baby in your tummy. so much joy is awaiting you - you'll be great:)

  4. ok, i did mean "as did a couple of other couples"....think the friday night wine is hitting me a little hard:)

  5. Thanks guys! Feeling pretty good!
    Spark - so glad to hear we arent the only ones! I didn't even want to do the classes! It was my husband!
    Mrs Mcawesome - I have what to expect, its a great book, i really do need to pull it out again though, have been a little slack!
    I only wish I could put my little balloon feet up! But I am so crazy busy at the moment... 3 more weeks of work and I promise you that the feet will be up! I have so much stuff taped on Foxtel ready for me to watch!!!

  6. you look so good sammie!

    We were so lucky to have an awesome midwife teaching our pre-natal class. She made it fun and we were happily laughing through most of the class. And we only had to do one day, thank goodness. I could think of nothing more boring than having to go so often!


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