Saturday, July 23, 2011

Oh the joys

The joys of pregnancy...
The latest for me is reflux. It started at around 30 weeks.
It's horrible, painful and so not very nice...

First I tried bubble gum!

Sounds silly I know, but I read it on a website so decided to give it a try...
It was actually pretty good! But then the reflux got worse as the pregnancy progressed.

Next was Gaviscon

HORRIBLE. Just horrible. I hated it and preferred to just have nothing.

But it got worse...

Not bad! Pretty good and currently what I have been having. 
A little yuck at first. But worth it.

Today I got myself some Zantac!

Will see how it goes...
I did check with the Doctor first though for this one.
And will report back.


  1. urg! Had this with every single one of my pregnancies and it sucked! I used rennie...didn't help tonnes, but it was the only one I could stomach (tastes like minty chalk).

    Hope you manage to get it under control.

  2. Reflux is horrible, I ended up on a prescription drug for it.

  3. Oh I had it bad with my second pregnancy, I swore by Eno every night.

  4. They say it means your baby will have lots of hair!! :)

  5. ^ No! I don't want her to have hair!
    Hubby and I were both bald when we were born and both very very blonde for many years... (then I went brown??? Don't know how)
    I was nicknamed Casper the goast when I was a baby...
    So we will just have to wait and see...

  6. Don't get me started on the reflux. It was so painful, i couldnt sleep at all! Your doctor should be able to prescribe something for you though. I lived on fruit tingles, zantac and gaviscon the extra strength liquid for evening's.Bleg just horrible, you poor thing.


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