Friday, July 8, 2011

32 - 8

The count down is seriously on!

32 down. 8 to go... (or so...)
Been a big week.
My replacement started at work.
I had to get a new phone and phone number. It's been a NIGHTMARE... Just now I text everyone in my address book to say I have a new number... I still have my old number for about another 2 weeks though.
We had our second baby class last night... First one was pretty good. Last night seemed like a wast of time. There is 7 in total (2 hours 6-8pm on Thursday nights for 7 weeks) we think we will miss next week and go to week 4 which is a tour of the hospital and maternity ward... Will be important to know where to go when water breaks and I go into labour...

Another friend had a baby on Wednesday. Another girl! (that's now 4 girls and 1 boy in two weeks) They called her Stella Blue (plus her surname)

Phew! I'm glad it's the weekend.
We are off to Terrigal on Sunday to see my new baby cousin! My nana is going to be there too!!! I haven't seen her for a little while so looking forward to it.

Have an awesome weekend everyone! Hope the sun is shining and it's not too cold.


Seriously... I need a new photographer. My husband is USELESS... Another bad shot.


  1. OMG so exciting. I can't wait to sort out my whole to c-section or not to and so I can sort out a hospital and then book in classes. At the moment we have them booked in at our current place but waiting and seeing...seems like a common thing during pregnancy.

    I love the bump by the way (even if your Hubby isn't a fantastic photographer)!

  2. It is really exciting and seems to have gone so quickly. Even though we've not met, I was thrilled for you when you announced you were pregnant and am equally excited for you leading up to the countdown! It has been quite special following everyone's venture into motherhood hasn't it? I didn't really listen to any advice whilst I was pregnant (very stubborn!) but if I could go back in time I would have made sure I rested as much as possible in my last month so that I was in tip top form for the first six weeks. Pregnancy was like a marathon for me but the first six weeks were like a sprint (if that makes sense:) Your bump looks so beautiful!

  3. The bump is coming along beautifully. You must be getting so excited now. I'm excited and still have 5 months to go!! x

  4. There is definitely no doubting you are pregnant now!

    Stella Blue- I love that name!
    There definitely seems to be a wave of girls lately.. girl power!

    Because we live in the country we came down to Perth for one day and did all our antenatal classes in one day. It was quite full on and there were some parts that felt a bit drawn out and boring. I had to keep poking the Mister to wake him up!
    Hospital tour will be quite handy, make sure your hubby is paying attention as when the time comes he might need to lead the way!
    It's all getting rather exciting now!

  5. Wow - definitely looking pregnant now, but it's still a very cute & compact bump. I've seen some people look twice that size! haha

    Bet they could cut out all the unnecessary crap in those antenatal classes and condense them into 4 classes. Hopefully the important stuff doesn't get lost in the fluff - enjoy this time!!


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