Thursday, July 7, 2011

Baby Shower Bargains!

So next Saturday is my Melbourne (Family) baby shower...
My sister and my mum are hosting and organising the whole thing.

It stated with a lady bug theme which I quite like seeing as we have always called this baby Bug then Buggy.

I felt I needed to do something!
So firstly I came up with this

Step one: Find cute gift tag image in the Internet (and steal borrow it) 
Step two: Take advantage that I am still at work and can print and then laminate 40+ tags at work! Write names of guest on each tag.
Step three: Cut them all out and hole punch them (wish I had one of those cute little hole punch things.)
Step four: Buy 3mm x 6 metres of cute green ribbon from Spotlight and attach to each tag.

Step five - will be to attach to each glass like the above tester prior to guest arrival.

TOTAL COST: 99 cents for the ribbon! Well and my time but that is priceless!

What about a thank you note to send to each guest after the event to thank them for coming, their lovely gift etc...

Step one: Find cute image in the Internet (and steal borrow it) Add the words "Baby Shower - thank you" under image.
Step two: Take advantage that I am still at work - steal borrow nice card stock from stationary cupboard, then print and guillotine each thank you 

TOTAL COST: $0.00 not a single cent! I even did a few ones with just "thank you" on them for other things.
Well the cost will end up being envelopes and stamps...

I am a huge fan of the lolly bag! So why not have them for my baby shower! (Any excuse)
But I am waiting for some little cello bags to come in the post that I bought off Ebay so I will leave that idea for another day!


  1. Very cute Sammie - love the ladybug theme as well (its S and I my theme too as I have always called him Bug :) ) x

  2. Super sweet! I miss having access to all the stationary and printing at work - make good use of it while you can:) Bravo for being so thrifty too!


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