Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I love my DADDY!

Well I do love my daddy... But I spotted this while out today and could not resist!

And for $6 how could have not bought it!!!
Can't wait to show the husband when he gets home tonight!!!

It's going to be real touch and go as to whether he is a daddy for fathers day or not... 
DD - Friday the 2nd of September... Fathers day Sunday the 4th of September... 
I don't think this baby is coming early.

Belly has grown again! And it also seems to have 'dropped' ?
Not sure what any of that means...
Must take another photo..
I have horrible reflux at the moment too.
And although I am tired I can't sleep... I seem to wake up when I go to bed. Grr...


  1. Awe what a nice Father's Day present. I did that for my Mum with Mother's Day but I bet she hated it when my birthday parties took over hehe.

    I'm getting so excited for you, it's getting closer now!!!

  2. Not being able to sleep is one of the worst things about the 3rd trimester!
    And most annoyingly everyone says to you "get some sleep while you still can" Only you can't!!

    That onesie is very cute... though I have to say it reminds me of the Australia Day onesie which I bought assuming baby would be here by the 26th Jan- no such luck!
    Hope your little Bug is right on time.
    Your DH will love seeing her in the onesie, whether its Fathers Day or not!

  3. I had terrible reflux during my pregnancies too. The thing that worked best for me was fruit tingles (weird I know), but they do help a bit.

  4. Ali - thanks for the fruit tingle advice!
    I read somewhere that chewing gum (non peppermint flavour) helps... So I have tried Hubba Bubba! And it actually does seem to work a bit.
    Fathers day or not - He loves the onesie! I have a feeling it will be his outfit of choice where ever possible...

  5. That is so cute!! I'll be in shopping mall heaven in Honolulu in a few weeks, so let me know if there's anything from an American shop you want ... they have such cute stuff.

    As for the not sleeping & feeling suddenly awake at bedtime, much empathy. Hmmm - welcome to my whole life. I have always been like this, wonder how much worse it might possibly get during pregnancy. Hope you get some sleep soon. Not sure if you eat these anyway, but both chocolate & garlic can affect my sleep patterns, so maybe lay off them after lunchtime if you have been eating them.


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