Sunday, July 3, 2011

Bought it!

Finally I have my 30th birthday present from my family!
We went back today to Jimmy Possum and I bought the painting I saw there yesterday...

I took a few shots before we left... We will pick it up next week.

It wasn't easy to get a good shot of it, so I will be sure to post about it again once it takes pride of place in our dining/living area!

I feel like the house is all really starting to come together now. Quite comforting. 
Is this what they call 'nesting'?

A very successful weekend indeed!


  1. looks fab!
    Artwork makes such a difference turning a house into a home! My parents also bought me some 'art' for my 30th- a giant photo of neighbouring galaxies taken by hubble telescope- artwork makes a wonderful gift as its very personal and you'll have it forever!

    I think nesting also involves manic cleaning!

  2. I'm loving all your shopping posts they are inspiring me to get stuff back up on our walls! Great mirrors and painting, can't wait to see them hanging up.

  3. Sammie, that's such a lovely painting. Love all the pink shades in it :)


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