Saturday, July 2, 2011

Successul Saturday!

The Mister went off to work as per usual this morning... Just like every other Saturday (Although a little under the weather after a few too many drinks last night)

As I cozied in for a quiet day (was not going to leave the house to even go to the gym!) he called me up and said it was a quiet day and he was coming home and could work remotely off the phone for the day)

I showered and dressed. I wore my trusty Jeans West Maternity jeans, a white 3/4 sleeve top ($10 at K-Mart) and and old vest thingy I bought from Oxford years and years ago.
Scuse the shocking photography - it took about 6 go's to get this one... And scuse my funny look and crappy hair (hair cut booked for Tuesday!)

So shopping we did!

First stop - the mirror shop.
This mirror is for above our fireplace:

And this one is going to go 'long ways' on the wall where our dining table is:

We were shocked at the prices! 
Yes, we know they are probably only cheap imports, but that's fine with us and great for the budget too!
We paid $550 for both!

Over at Moore Park (in Sydney) at the Supa Centa we were taking a look around and walked into Jimmy Possum... Well I was stopped dead in my tracks before making it in the door by a stunning painting! And well no, I haven't bought it yet (nor do I have a photo) but quite possibly I am going to go back tomorrow and buy it... Will let you know!

Off to Birkenhead Point (to Coles) we stopped in at the DJ's outlet... 50% off Children's stuff...

Bubba Blue flanelette sheet set for $10

And a few more bits and bobs for not all that much each at all!!!

Oops! Then we "just happened" to walk past Seed...

Well it was an extra 25% off the marked price! All these were $14.95 each! Bargain for Seed and such good quality...

Also think we have found the cabinet we want for under our stairs! 
Thinking about it over the weekend now...

Now to relax on the lounge, watch some tele and have some vegies and good old chicken schnitzel for dinner!


  1. you are looking wonderful! I think your hair looks thick and lovely.. I am overdue for the hairdressers too.

    Good work with the shopping! I always love it when the Mister gets to leave work early

  2. Pregnancy really suits you! I love the seed bargins, the little bunny outfit is too cute :)

  3. You look great Sammie. Hope you've been well.
    The mirror you got to go above your fireplace looks lovely.

  4. You look so beautiful and gorgeous Sammie. Glad you had such a productive Saturday!

  5. You look fantastic!
    The best part of the weekend are shopping trips were you find those perfect things.

  6. Seed is the best, I love their stuff!

    You look fantastic!! Have you settled on a name?!

  7. Thanks guys.
    Feeling great and really happy with our weekend purchases.
    Good Mum Hunting - we haven't decided on a name! Well kind of? Not really... We are thinking we will just decide from our shortlist when we meet her and see her for the first time.


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