Friday, July 1, 2011

Flat Chat

It has been a busy week.
So busy that I only just realised that I haven't posted since Monday and I have missed telling you all some exciting news!

Last Wednesday I gained a new cousin!
Sounds a little strange?
Well it starts with my grandmother having my mum at the young age of 19.
Then my mum had me when she was 19 (just)
My grandmother re-married. And then had a son. I was already born!
I am actually 18 months older than my uncle...
His wife is actually 18 months older than me...

They welcomed a beautiful little girl into the world last Wednesday!
They called her Lily.
They live in Terrigal. We will try to get up to visit them soon. Maybe next weekend.

Amongst other things, I bought them this:

All hand made and sewn by a girlfriend from work who has a little company called "Cute as a Button" They have a facebook page and they go to markets.
I have got them to finally start a page on Etsy, but it's not finalised yet...

She also was trying out a few different things and bought this into work for Buggy the other day:

I love it! It's one of a kind. It is so cute and will be prefect for Buggy for next winter. Little white/cream tights and a top underneath. and one of the guys at work suggested bright red Mary Jane's to match! (he is very sweet and so very clucky at the moment - it's only a matter of time before his wife is UTD!)

I have also bought a few books for Buggy.
I was in Target the other day and they were having a little toy sale... 
Books! Those really hard ones $3 and $5 each!

Now what about nursery rhymes? Can you remember them? Maybe? But all the words?
I sure can't...
So for once I took a look at the book drive thing that we get in at work and picked up a nursery rhyme book for $10 
It is really quite lovely and has all the popular ones, plus a few I don't think I have ever heard of.
So I better get practicing... Poor husband and neighbours listening to my singing... Let;s hope Buggy appreciates it a little though!

Ok. So now I am going to settle myself in for some trashy TV and one very quiet weekend...
Enjoy everyone! 


  1. Naaaw how lovely! How funny that you're older than your uncle! I bet you love freaking some people out :)
    I love old school nursey rhymes, I'd be struggling to remember the words too! Whata beautiful time for you, hopefully I'm in the same boat as you soon.
    Have a lovely weekend xx

  2. How adorable are those clothes! What a clever friend she is, I'm definitely checking their page!!
    Books are so important for kids; and cute nursery rhyme book too! Can't believe how quick its all gone for you!

  3. oooh I love that pinafore its so sweet! I want one for Tallulah!

  4. Speaking of trashy tv......I bought seasons 1-4 of keeping up with the kardashians on DVD on eBay.'s cheaper than getting foxtel!

  5. You have a very clever friend! Make sure you let us know once her etsy store is up and running.

    Good work with the nursery rhymes! You can be guaranteed that Buggy will love your singing.

  6. The clothes really are cute as a button, perfect name for them!

  7. Gorgeous pinny and also cute little outfit for your cousin :)
    I remember all the nursery rhymes still (my mind retains plenty of useless info lol) and often sing them to baby S. x


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