Monday, June 27, 2011

I want money...

That's what I want...
But just seem to spend it instead...

My husband works Saturdays. That's what happens when you work in the car industry...
So most Saturdays are spent doing chores, lunching with other car dealers wives (many of my girlfriends) and having some 'me' time.
Saturday this weekend was no different. Amongst the gym, chores and stuff, I had some waxing done (can't see past my tummy anymore) and a lovely facial.

Sunday finally we didn't have any plans. No one to see. Nothing to do! The first time since moving into the new house.
We went to the tip to get rid of a whole heap of boxes from all Buggy's furniture, Bunnings for some bits and pieces, Spotlight for some ribbon for a little DIY project I'm thinking of... (more on that another day) and then to get a little something for Dear Husband:

Dear Husband is mighty happy with his ipad 2! 
He needs it for work more than anything... But at least now I can claim the Mac and he can have the ipad!!!  

While at Birkenhead point, I made a detour past Seed and we picked up this cute little vest for Buggy! $69.95 reduced to $29.95 and then there was a 25% discount! It will be prefect for next winter.

So it was gifts for Daddy and gifts for Buggy and nothing for me :-( 
Lets hope the Powerball ticket in my wallet comes up trumps and I can buy myself a little gift or two!

I'm having the morning off today to go to a doctor appointment at RPA for Buggy.
Then it's off to work and to a lunch to celebrate a 50th birthday... I don't see much work getting done today! Happy Monday to me!!!


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  2. a facial is nice thing to do and kind of present-y?! I know get way more of kick of buying little things for Tallulah than did that happen?

  3. I definitely get more of a kick from buying for Baby than I do for myself at the moment.. maybe because she looks so cute in all her little outfits.. wheras Im just reminded of the weight I have to lose!

    Hope your Docs appt went well

    (Can't believe its Friday already- is it just me or did that week go fast??)


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