Saturday, June 25, 2011

Smells like.... Paint!

After day one I came home to this:

Sanding back - Filling in the gaps - what shocker of OLD walls we have!

Day two - Morning before heading to work - first coat over the red! 
Looks a little something like this:

Day 3 I missed because I was away. And thank goodness for that!
Because when I came home on day 4 to the finished product...

The whole house smelt like paint. It was bad! 
And for the extra smelly senses I have at the moment it was not great...

Then Friday morning before heading to work (casual Friday) Dear Husband took this shot of me! 
30 weeks down! Around 10 or so to go!
Look! (Can I just say he is not the greatest of photographers)

Wearing Jeans West maternity skinny jeans in blue, white 3/4 sleeve top $10 from K-Mart! and my stripy Saba cardi! I did have on some cute flats from Nine West that are a purple pink type colour... But just getting one quick and half decent photo from Dear Husband is hard enough! 
And my arm looks big and fat in this shot too...

Hard to believe that 4 weeks ago I looked like this:

People didn't even know I was pregnant back then! There is no mistaking it now...

This final shot I have just taken.
Looking very bleak and bare at the moment. Not a single picture on the wall, mess on the table and lots of decorating to be done! 


  1. Such a cute "belly" photo! And no, your arm doesn't look fat at all :)

  2. You look so cute pregnant!

    And the walls look great so much better than the red!!! It must of been a horrendous smell for you :(

  3. The painting looks great. Hope the smell doesn't linger too long!

  4. That bump is too, TOO cute. Coming along beautifully. xx

  5. Looks good ... but I liked the red actually. Maybe it didn't look as good in real life? Harder to air out the smell in winter too, yuk.

    Your belly looks great!


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