Monday, September 12, 2011

A wonderful weekend

What a wonderful weekend we have just had!
Mum, dad, sister and bro in law came to visit!

Abi was in her element! Lots and lots of cuddles and attention
And she got to meet her pop! (my dad) for the first time! (And her uncle Chadd)

Meeting uncle Chadd for the first time

Catching up with aunty Emma again and some Zzzz's

And pop! And seeing nana again!

Abi instantly recognised my mum's voice again. You could see the way she looked around and listened to her! It was so nice. Mum was there for the birth and for the 6 following days, and had lots of chats with Abi.
My dad didn't come to Sydney when I had Abi. I totally understood. Dad hates hospitals. HATES them. It was nicer that he could come up and spend proper time with us all.
Now there is only my two brothers (Abi's uncles) for her to meet! - plus the extended family...
We have had a great time, not doing much, but having lots of cuddles and spending time with Abi.

(I also wanted to make mention of a really special post on Emmie from Desert Darling's Blog from yesterday... On co-sleeping... You will even see you comment if you take a look)


  1. She's so tiny and lovely. Glad you are enjoying this time with your family.

  2. Looks like a very special time.. meeting the extended family.. Abi is getting lots of love from everyone which is wonderful to see! I love that pic of her curled up on your sisters chest- precious!

    What are you doing about the in-laws..? (or shouldn't I ask)

    Thanks for the post love.. I'm glad you found it helpful.. isn't it odd how something so natural has almost become taboo in our culture.. it was very sweet of you to post a link.


  3. emmie - ah.. the inlaws... not great... They came into hospital (The Mister knew they were coming and idn't tell me Grr) NO CONGRATULATIONS...
    Had them over for morning tea of fathers day STILL NO CONGRATULATIONS...
    M-in-law refuses to even look at me.
    F-in-law will but really wont speak to me.

    I have done what I can now, shown I'm the bigger person. I'm over it and don't care.

    I should actaully do a post on it! That would be quite interesting to get feedback!
    Hmm... Leave that one with me.


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