Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I found it!

Remember about a week ago I posted about the painting behind Nina's bed (Offspring)

Well an amazing angel named Emily (no blog link) posted that the artist was Rosetta Santucci!
I looked on her website and all it had was SOLD SOLD SOLD on all her art work.

Over the weekend I was showing my sister and we did a search.
I found a place in Sydney that had one of her paintings left!
SoHo Galley

This is what they had:


I emailed them straight away! I love it!
92cm x 92cm oil on canvas.

They got back to me really really quickly too!
Bad news.... It's $4500

Now I would have been happy to spend about half that.
My parents and sister still owe me a 30th birthday present and I always said I wanted a piece of art, I just have to find what I want.
But $4500 is a lot of money. Well out of our/my price range.
I shouldn't have been surprised.

Oh well... Back to the drawing board.

Someone lovely out there, please buy this painting. It's lovely.


  1. so happy you found the artist. But $4500 is very steep! It is lovely though...

  2. you'll find something just as special and perfect for you (and your budget. Have faith!

  3. I am going to go against the other posters and say if there is any way you can afford it, and you really really love should get it. The amount of times I have said I just can't afford it to a beautiful piece of art and then come back because I realised it was worth it only to find it sold....heartbreaking. But only if you absolutely adore it and couldn't think of anything better.

  4. I agree with the above comment.
    I only regret the art I didn't buy!

    Can you ask if they do laybuy? And maybe if your parents and sister chip in for your birthday present..
    Also.. have you heard of a Push Present?? ;-)

  5. I'm so seriously considering it...
    Going to go to the gallery on the weekend with the Mister...
    I have around $1000 from parents and sister from my 30th
    I have $500 from me for selling the prize I won for my Sales Rep of the year award too...
    Yes they lay buy.
    Goodness... I am seriously talking myself into this.

  6. Oh's gorgeous! You went to all that trouble to find a painting that isn't sold and you love you should see if you can get it. Think of it as an investment as well ;-)

  7. It is beautiful. I like it even better than the original one you spotted on TV. I'm not so good at spending money (as I just mentioned in my post) but I'm going to go with themcawesomes on this one. I came across an artwork I really, really loved a couple of years back and didn't buy it - thought it was too exxy - I've always looked for something similar since then but nothing has come close! Good luck!

  8. and art is an investment. If you are seeing "sold sold sold" there is a reason ;)

  9. Did you end up getting this painting? If not, did you find something somewhere else? I am currently looking for some affordable oil on canvas..

    Fluffo from Vogue

  10. Nope. It was over $4000 !!!
    I bought a painting from Jimmy Possum!
    Only picked it up a few weeks ago, been away etc... So will post about it when my husband finally gets around to hanging it hopefully this weekend...

  11. Looking forward to it :-)



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