Friday, June 3, 2011

Painting / Print ?

Do you watch Offspring?
Well we do!
Did you watch Monday nights episode?
We did.

at the end of the episode Nina walks into her room, sits on the bed, makes a phone call....
Anyway... All that is not at all important.

However what is important is the painting or print that was hung above her bed!
I am in love!
But who is it by? Where is it from? How can I find out? Help me!

Look! what do you think?

Now. I'd better get organised! My parents are flying up to Sydney from Melbourne to spend the weekend with us!
I am so happy and so excited!!! And then my sister and her husband come up next weekend for the long weekend!


  1. SO nice having family come and stay. I love it when they come for a visit. My little niece and SIL are coming next week, can't wait!

    Love the print good luck trying to find it! Have you thought about ringing channel ten? I've done this to find something someone was wearing....

  2. It's by a Melbourne artist. Rosetta santucci. Beautiful work, very hard to buy though. Most of her stuff is sold. xx

  3. OMG! Emily! You are a champ!
    Just been on her website and you are right... Sold, Sold, Sold...


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