Thursday, June 2, 2011

Pick and Choose

It's been a very busy few days in our household.
And it's going to get even busier!

Work Work Work it has been all week.
Today I had a dentist appointment (yay - not) then I had to go and do the glucose test and have a blood test to check for gestational diabetes.
Dr thinks everything will be fine, but it has to be done anyway.

We have my mum and dad coming up tomorrow afternoon for the whole weekend!
I am super excited! and can't wait to show off our new house!

We emptied another 3 random boxes last night and my dear darling husband has decided it's finally time for at least half of the magazines he has been collecting since the 80's to go! WOO HOO! You have no idea. My house is currently breading magazines... (and no. there is no porn!)

We bought a beautiful dresser off Ebay for Buggy's room for $46
It needs some restoration - but we feel we can do it and are pretty excited about it too...

A few more things still need to be decided:

We can't find bedside tables for out bedroom anywhere... But then I spotted these at IKEA

They are only $99 so if we change our mind after a year or so it isn't so bad.
I am going to look at them this afternoon and if they are any good I will just grab them.

I have also spotted this dresser on ebay which I really like

But we are talking $400-$500 here so I want to view it first.
Going to try to do that tonight or Saturday morning.

Have you now noticed that I like mixing old and new?

Well we also need a buffet or something (for storage) for under our stairs... Reading my current Real Living magazine the other night when I couldn't sleep I spotted this

Sorry for the crappy photo. It's the only one I could find on Google.
I think the white/timber combination will help to break up the fact that our dining table is all old timber and quite heavy...
We are going to see if we an view one somewhere.
But at the moment I can buy online from Click On Furniture for $999 plus $65 delivery - cheaper than I have seen anywhere!

So that's what I have been up to this week...
What about you?


  1. I've got those ikea bedside tables - highly recommend!

  2. ^ I just bought them!
    Not exactly what I wanted... But what I wanted was $500
    Now to put them together...

  3. I cannot wait for you to do a house tour hehe I love your taste in things and I'm sure it's all going to look gorgeous.

    Yay for your parents coming and seeing it and you guys being able to show off your new home :)


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