Monday, May 30, 2011


Although we live in Sydney.
My heart will always belong to Melbourne.
My home town. Where I grew up. Where my family is.
I feel that our daughter needs to have some real Melbourne influence in her life.
Yes, we will be visiting A LOT... But I need something else...

We are loving the cushions we bought from Make me Iconic and when looking on their website the other day I came across this

Can be purchased HERE

It's wooden. Comes with 12 passengers and the lid comes off! 
It's totally and utterly COOL! 
It's $90 hmm... Maybe a Christmas present? Maybe nana and pop or aunty or uncles might buy it?


  1. It's wonderful!
    I say buy it for her! Great nod to Melbourne!
    Doesn't matter if it sits on her shelf for a few years until she old enough to play with.. she will grow up always knowing what a tram is!

    I bought this beautiful childrens toy when I was in Africa years ago, way before I was even thinking about kids.. I will bring it out when she is a bit older.. for those special toys I dont think there needs to be a special occasion!

    I am going to check out that website now

  2. How cute! I absolutely love wooden toys. They're really making a come back.

  3. this is fabulous...and yes, i'll add it to the birthday list too!

  4. I too am a Victorian at heart and love that tram!

    I can't bear the thought that if we were still in Canberra when we have a family that they would follow rugby rather than AFL! I'm fairly sure, boy or girl there'll be some AFL jumpers/toys purchased when the time comes!


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