Sunday, May 29, 2011

1st Birthday Parties!

Today we had little Alexandra's FIRST birthday!
The birthday girl was so very happy crawling around having a ball! Getting very very dirty and eating lots of party food!

Our best friends daughter Hania got in on the fun! There was fairy bread!

Now I have to say... Little Hania looks so much like her daddy! Bit she does have her mummy's eyes

Little Arkie (5 months) had a ball! But she stayed in her daddy's arms

These are my three best girlfriends daughters and the ones that our own daughter will spend a lot of her growing up with. Lets hope the older girls don't lead her astray!

Even we got in on the action! (I even indulged in a small glass of red!

I can already feel the sugar hangover coming on... But it didn't stop us from taking home a lolly bag!

Such a lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Family, Friends and FUN!
Now at home, curled up on the lounge in my PJ's with the fire on.

How did you spend your Sunday?


  1. Curled up on the lounge in jimmy jams, in front of a fire sounds great right now.

  2. I spent Sunday gardening, making a home for our chickens, marking and recovering from the stress that was driving in Sydney :-)

    Sounds like you had a lovely day. It's so nice that your friends all have girls around the same age for your Ladybug to grow up with!


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