Monday, June 6, 2011

New car & Weekend family fun.

I'm getting a new car.
And it looks a little something like this.

I didn't really get much say in the matter.
It was just done.
It's a 2010 Mercedes Benz B180 in Black. Some AMG options (like the wheels) only 6000 km's and it has this thing called self park! ("Hopefully" this means no scratching of the wheels by me!)

In other news, we had my mum and dad come and stay for the weekend and it was lovely!
Thank you so much to Sydney for putting on some brilliant winter weather.
We went to Terrigal to see my uncle and his wife on Saturday, Sunday was spent at the Rozelle markets where mum and I bought some books and dad bought a pile of records, which he is very proud of!
I'm talking Frank Sinatra, Shirley Bassey, and Johnny Cash... Sad I know.
They left this morning and I'm sad.
But I have my sister and her husband up for the long weekend!!! Yay! It's going to be fun!!!

What do you think of the new car? I'm not convinced...
But it was a great deal! And really I don't get much of a say these days...
More importantly! What have you all been up to?


  1. um, I would love that car! you are one lucky lady, a new house and a new car wow!

  2. Yummy black Merc, I have a crush on all black cars and yay for the family mobile ;)

    You lucky duck! We're definitely going to be waiting for ages until we can get our family car but seeing as I possibly want more than 3 kids it's probably for the best :p

  3. I think that car is fantastic! I would love it if my husband came home with a car right now. My old car has had it lol :)

  4. Awesome new car!!
    How come you aren't sure..? (And why don't you get much a say..? I'm guessing you'll be the one doing most of the driving around..?)
    Self park sounds very handy! Parking has never been my strong point!
    It looks fabulous to me, a great city car.

    Glad you enjoyed having your P's to stay!

  5. The car is just funny looking to me...
    I'd much rather an Audi Q5 or a VW Tiguan.... But they are also much more expensive so I need to stop being so self indulgent.

    DD I don't get say really at this stage anymore, because I wont be working and the Mister knows best as he works in the industry.
    We only paid $28k but retail the car is more like $35-38k

    So you see why I ended up with this car...

  6. A big 'YES' to the car. I think it looks stylish!

  7. I think it's great - lucky you! And it's a Mercedes! We've been looking at cars too. The Tiguan is nice, but the boot is actually pretty small for the size of the car.

    Sorry I've been so absent from blogworld - just catching up!

  8. In my opinion, I think your car looks great. I agree that you got yourself a great deal. Oh, and the "self park" also sounds great. It's the ideal car function for lazy car drivers... like me.


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