Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Buggy Shopping

So when mum and dad were up on  the weekend, mum wanted to see all the stuff we have so far for Buggy.
We actually don't have all that much (I will have to take a whole lot of photos and post them one day) and mum was horrified!
You have hardly anything she tells me!
Well! I say... I was going to leave it and see what we get as gifts etc...

But, today I decided to pop into DJ's while at Bondi Junction for work.
DJ's are having a bit of a sale and especially good is a 2 day sale of 50% off Bonds, Bebe and Pure Baby.

Buggy was very spoilt today!

A cute teether toy, a Max and Tilly top, and 3 x Bonds singlets

2 x grow suits (or 'onsies') Bebe and Bonds

2 more grow suits - Pure Baby organics with bib and hat and an already reduced one from Unicorn

A fitter cover for the change mat and a mattress protector reduced to $14.95 each!

Well over $200 retail value and I paid $132.29
Very very happy! And so was mum! 
Wow! Buggy has some clothes now she says... Well she does have some, but not much... 

And then there is this thing called the kindness of others...
A lovely lady at work popped over to see me today and bought me a cute little summer hat that she had for her daughter and never used. 
It's from Cotton On and I'm sure it will look perfect with her little swimmers (bathers) in summer!

I am always touched by the kindness and generosity of others.


  1. People are sooo incredibly generous when it comes to babies.. It's lovely.. I was totally blown away.

    Someone gave me the advice to start early with the hat wearing, so they are always used to having something on their head and it doesnt become a battle later on when they are a bit older.. I have heeded this advice because we live in such a sunny place.. and they do look so adorable in their little hats! Cotton On has some great baby stuff.

    Looks like you got a good haulwith your Ma.
    Haha if it wasn't for my Mum I wouldn't have had ANYTHING when Bay was born! She helped me get organised and bought lots of the basics for her.. bedding and swaddle cloths and little onesies etc. Good work with the sale!

  2. Lovely stuff! I saw this and thought of you immediately.

  3. Oh, I meant to make tthat a link & didn't.

  4. Oooh, and while I'm on a roll sharing links ... have you seen this website? I just want to buy stuff & we haven't even started trying yet! haha

    And also, this is the site of my friend from high school. She has 4 kids, and makes absolutely gorgeous little girls' dresses that she sells. Her blog site used to also link to her shop where she sells cool japanese fabrics and her creations ... but now I can't find that part. Grrr.


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