Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Rain and Rocking the Kazbah

This weekend it rained and rained and rained and............... You get the idea.
Seriously I am just waiting for Noah to come down my street on his Ark...
Maybe because I am in the process of "re-producing" he will let me on and save me?

A crappy weekend for it to rain too. My sister and her husband came up from Melbourne to see us.

Cheeky sister! I sent her an email Friday afternoon asking if there was any 'special requests' for their visit... Fine wine, cheeses, caviar and a bowl of blue only M&M's...
Cheeky indeed....
But look at what I actually did have in the cupboard at home

I have no idea why, but last week I bought a bucket of the State Of Origin Blues M&M's

They arrived Saturday morning and we headed home for a little brunch (danishes bought from Adriano Zumbos) and a catch up.
Saturday night we had some guests over for a delish lamb roast cooked by yours truly!
Many drinks were consumed... And I ended up with a few extra overnight guests too...

Sunday we awoke to MORE RAIN.
A lovely breakfast at home and then we mozied around for a bit and then went to a few old antique places and the auction house up the road from us because well it's fun and because my sis and her mister and looking for a dining table.

Another trip to Zumbos (it can be bad living so close) home for some afternoon tea then we went to the movies! Gold class tickets to The Hangover 2

I liked it. It is funny. It's mindless 'crap' that you can watch, laugh and talk about later without having to think too much. But I would have been just as happy to wait till it was out on DVD.

A bit to eat at one of out favorite Asian places (Satasia - Balmain) afterward and MORE RAIN.

Monday was getting a little better... That was till we decided to leave the house and had MORE RAIN...
We had booked breakfast for 10am at Kazbah on Darling and went with a few other friends and their baby.
We all had the Breakfast Tagine. YUMO! 

We all couldn't help but sing "Rock the Kazbah" for a bit and because the rain held off for a bit we decided to go for a walk!
Bad move... First stop... Witchery... I ended up with a dress and a cardi. But with $50 off for any purchase over $100 I only ended up spending $109

Then further on and into Seed.... VERY bad move.
I did pick up a cute little top that I am going to give to my uncles child when born (boy or girl) (due this week!)
Their surname is Seed...

I thought it was very cute! And on sale for $19.95 

But then I saw this:

Buggy needs it I said (I'm sure she doesn't) and it's so cute! And it's on sale!
Ok! Ok! And we bought it home.

Very lucky for sissy's mister the Collingwood V Melbourne AFL game was on TV so a little afternoon at home before the boys headed to the pub for a bit then it was home for some homemade pizzas, Master chef and all tucked up in bed by 9.30pm

They headed off home this morning. It is always sad to see them go.
But we head to Melbourne in a few weeks so it wont be long till we catch up again.

They actually made it home too! No volcano issues (just Crapstar delays) today.

Did you all enjoy your long weekend! Love the Queen! 
What did you get up to?
And did you stay dry?


  1. Sounds like a lovely weekend (other than the rain!). I think the universe is telling me to eat M&M's I have lost track of how many times they've been mentioned around me :p

  2. I agree with Jess it does seem like a lovely weekend. I have to stay away from Seed and Country Road, too many pretty things for little girls I think our miss has more clothes than she can wear.

  3. um, I need that grey cardy for Tallulah! If you don't mind sharing, how much was it? its soooo cute!

  4. How great to see your Sister, I am sure they didn't mind the rain! What a wonderful weekend you had- love the Seed purchases!

    I saw this and thought of you! Have you seen them?
    I tried to send the link to your email but not sure if it went through- (sorry if it did and I am now bombarding you!)

  5. Renee - The cardi for Buggy was $39.95 (it's on sale!) you can even buy online!
    DD - Always happy to be bombarded! I have a few links I need to look up - incl yours!!!

  6. Don't ever expect to walk into Seed and come out empty handed...clothes are especially gorgeous for girls ;-)

    Flensted mobiles are the best -highly recommended and the ladybird will be perfect for Buggy!


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